“Lost” Masculinity and Privilege Distress – from Love, Joy, Feminism blog

“Lost” Masculinity and Privilege Distress – from Love, Joy, Feminism blog

Despite the fact I disagree with secular, liberal feminists much of the time, they do get some issues right.

If you are right wing and socially conservative such as myself, please don’t have the knee jerk tendency to just ignore anything and everything left wing feminists talk about, because they do on occasion make some valid points, as in the post I am linking to in this post.

(Link): “Lost” Masculinity and Privilege Distress by Libby Anne, from “Love, Joy, Feminism” blog

I agree with most of this post at  Love, Joy, Feminism. I don’t want to paste her whole post here, so please use the link farther below to visit the page and read it all at her blog.

One area of disagreement I have with her concerns Christianity and the public school system. She seems to feel that Christians face no harassment at all over their faith in the public school system.

I cannot agree with her on this, as over the past few decades, I have seen many news stories pop up where Christian kids are discriminated against by their teachers precisely for being Christian (and/or for not agreeing with secular liberal or Democratic views that are held by the teacher).

I’ve read the same thing in regard to university students, or workers on the UK, such as the nurse in Britain who was reprimanded or fired for wearing a cross necklace during work hours – from the way the woman described it in some articles I saw, the objection was the to religious symbolism of her jewelry, not that the necklace itself posed a hazard to anyone, though the hospital may have made that claim. (That story was covered by (Link): Daily Mail and (Link): The Telegraph )

I’ve read many news stories of Christian kids who get chewed out by a teacher for reading a Bible quietly at their desk during break time (you can read one such example (Link): here (“Teacher tells student he can’t read the Bible in classroom”), and the same story covered (Link): here – there have been other instances of that happening to other students).

I’ve read of Christian college students whose atheist instructors give them a failing grade for speaking favorably of Jesus Christ in a research paper or essay.

So yes, some segments of society, including schools, do limit Christians and harass them over their Christian faith. I don’t think it’s honest to insist otherwise.

Maybe some of the ultra, conservative, homeschool Christian groups go overboard with their paranoia of the public school system, I would agree to that, but the left wing, secular view that Christians have nothing to worry about, and all public schools are supportive of Christian or right wing views, isn’t exactly correct, either.

Other than that and one or two minor quibbles, I felt her rebuttal was fairly good, so you might want to visit her page to read the whole thing.

(Link): “Lost” Masculinity and Privilege Distress by Libby Anne

In this piece, she quotes the author of an editorial at Cross Walk, a Christian site, and below each quote, she criticizes his views.


  • I recently came upon an article on Crosswalk titled (Link): Redefining Masculinity. I found it so ridiculous I thought I’d go through it point by point.
  • [Quoting the author of the Cross Walk editorial]
  • Women, in the lust-laden culture, are encouraged to use their sexuality as just another weapon to win in the workplace. Men are wired to respond to such signals, but if they do, they will be reprimanded or fired. How is a young man to interpret the signs?
  • [Libby Anne’s response to this]
  • Um. Wow. Okay. Jeez.

    First of all, women are not encouraged to use their sexuality as a weapon in the workplace. In fact, they are bound by the same harassment laws as everyone else. Women spend enough time trying to figure out how to dress so as not to be perceived of as either too slutty or too boorish. Believe it or not, while you men put on your suit and tie and call it a day we ladies have a much more agonizing time of it. Our appearance is scrutinized, and we know it.

    It’s actually not that hard to “interpret the signs.” If a girl seems friendly and you have some sort of connection with her (a mutual friend, a club or sport), ask her out. If she says no, that means no. If she says yes, then you’ve got a date.

  • If you’re dating a woman and you want to have sex with her, ask her. Believe it or not, men are just as capable of speaking as women. Now yes, I get that it can sometimes be agonizing to be single. But women are not out to ensnare you, and if you view women as sex-addled sluts out to get you, you shouldn’t be surprised if they avoid you.

    Oh, and hitting on a woman in your office is a no-no for a very good reason. It puts her in a very awkward position and creates an extremely uncomfortable work environment. There is a reason we have harassment laws.

Please read the rest of her page (Link): here.


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