Stolen Baby Photo Role Playing – weird internet trend

Stolen Baby Photo Role Playing – weird internet trend

My fellow conservatives like to get worked up over how “the family” is supposedly under attack, and how women aren’t having as many children anymore, and other such related topics. I’m sorry, but in light of stories like this one, it looks like our culture is just as obsessed with children, babies, and the nuclear family as ever, and weirdly so.

This is weird.

People are taking photos of other people’s babies from other sites and passing them off as their own on sites such as “Instagram.” Some even pretend to by the baby and type messages as though they are the baby when people leave them comments.

(Link): Stolen Baby Photo Role Play


  • …Fast Company (Link): has a report on the practice, leading with the story of North Carolina mom Jenny, who discovered someone called “Nikki” was stealing Instagram photos of her son, assigning him a new name and claiming as her own, offering fabricated details about his birth weight, for instance.
  • ….But it can get much, much darker. The Toronto Star and Daily Dot (Link): both covered the trend back in December 2013, when several moms banded together and launched a petition calling on Instagram to take action. (They also launched @babyrp_revealed and @stop_babyrp to report specific accounts.) And (Link): according to the Star:
  • “As time went on the posts we were seeing went from disturbing to vile. Some were being abused both physically and sexually and some were being even killed off,” says Corinne Chaimovitz, a Toronto-area mother who started a campaign last month against the practice using the hashtag #downwithbabyrp. “When this began, we just wanted to get the stolen pictures removed. None of us ever expected any of this.”


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