Former PCB pastor jailed on drug, sex charges – He also was charged with spousal abuse

Former PCB pastor jailed on drug, sex charges (AFFIDAVIT)

This pervert preacher not only groped a young girl, but it says he also physically abused his wife at another point.

I’m still wondering why any Christian thinks single Christian women should only marry Christian men? (You’ll have to come up with more than “because the Bible teaches it.”)

Note that this deviant was also pastor at one time of a church called “Faith Family Church.”

I do wish Christians would stop associating “family,” or the word “family,” to mean “biblical” or G-rated, when so many perverts are CHRISTIAN MARRIED FATHERS (and some are married Christian mothers).

Family does NOT equal “pure” or “godly.”

(Link): Former PCB pastor jailed on drug, sex charges (AFFIDAVIT)

  • PANAMA CITY — The former pastor of a Panama City Beach church is in jail again after allegedly giving a 16-year-old marijuana and then forcing sexual advances upon the minor, according to court documents.
  • Markus Quin Bishop, 54, was arrested Tuesday and charged with delivering a controlled substance to a minor and felony battery. The charges stem from a Sept. 11 incident when Bishop and the minor were alone at his Fox Run Boulevard home, according to police. Bishop also was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
  • ….The former pastor of Faith Christian Family Church in Panama City Beach, Bishop has a previous history of battery. He was sentenced to a year of probation January 2009 after he punched his wife in the eye. During an argument, Bishop charged his wife in their gated home on Preserve Bay Boulevard and she threw a drink in his face out of fear before he struck her in the left eye.
  • … Bishop pleaded no contest to the domestic battery charge. He authored a letter of apology to his wife, and the probation was terminated after six months.Bishop was the senior pastor of Faith Christian Family Church until it folded in 2012 amidst financial turmoil. The church filed bankruptcy in June of that year.
  • He’s also an internationally known author, speaker and host of the “Faith Is the Victory” television broadcast.


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