Pastor Caught ‘Pants Down While Praying for a Female Member of His Congregation’

Pastor Caught ‘Pants Down While Praying for a Female Member of His Congregation’

So. I should believe in “be equally yoked” why?

(Link): Pastor caught ‘pants down while praying for a female member of his congregation’

When a man of God is caught pants down in this day and age, the most used excuse would be to ‘it was the devil’, except for this pastor.

A pastor from ACK Pumwani did not hesitate to come up with a new one of, “si uliniambia nikuje nikuonbe”.

The woman, who is a member of his congregation, received blows from her better half who had hatched the plan to catch them in a lodging in Thika Road. The wife who could not stop laughing and smiling after being caught, made the scene even more awkward when they were told to pose for a photo shoot.

The embarrassed pastor was lost for words and started claiming that he was there to pray and nothing else. Kenyans on Twitter did not take this sitting down as they came out to give their opinions on #pantsdown. Here are some of the comments KOT had to say.

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