Father Kills Daughter, Chops Up Body, Flushes Parts Down Public Toilet

Father Kills Daughter, Chops Up Body, Flushes Parts Down Public Toilet

In all my years as a Christian, in reading Christian content and listening to sermons, I don’t recall any Christians saying specifically that one must be a Christian parent to be godly or mature; they just state things in the generic, that one has to be married or a parent to be godly (or mature, ethical, responsible, or whatever other positive quality).

Conservative Christians often like to portray single, childless adults as being immature, slutty, or selfish. This is done, in part, to guilt or shame singles into getting married, because it is wrongly assumed all singles are deliberately avoiding marriage.

So here we have a news story about a father in China who killed his 12 year old daughter, mutilated her corpse, and flushed the remains down a public toilet. The articles I’ve glanced at thus far do not mention what this person’s religious beliefs, but, as I have not heard Christians specifically say that one has to be a CHRISTIAN parent to be more godly and mature, I don’t think it matters.

Another example of how being married or a parent does not necessarily make a person more mature, godly, or ethical.

(Link): Chinese father chops up daughter for being a family disappointment: police

  • Thursday, September 25, 2014, 10:28 PM
  • A 12-year-old was killed and dismembered by her dad, police in Wenzhou City say. He dropped her body parts in a public toilet.

(Link): Dad chops up ”letdown” daughter and flushes body parts down PUBLIC LOO

  • Sep 25, 2014 19:44
  • By Don Mackay
  • A human hand was found when maintenance workers cleaned the toilets – now Wenzhou City resident Zhang Li faces life in jail
  • A dad killed his 12-year-old daughter, chopped up her body and then flushed the parts down a public loo because she wasn’t doing well at school.
  • Crazed Zhang Li, 46, strangled Sutain to death and then cut her up before he carried the pieces to the public toilet opposite their home in Wenzhou City, in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province.
  • A police spokesman said: “He only reluctantly reported her as missing under pressure from his wife, and we were suspicious because he seemed more angry than upset.
  • “Neighbours we spoke to said he hadn’t bothered to look for her and seemed quite happy she was gone.”
  • After three days police found her remains after a maintenance worker called them to say they had found a human hand while cleaning it out.
  • Li came under suspicion because he didn’t behave as most parents would in similar circumstances, police said.
  • The spokesman added: “After questioning, he confessed to the killing and blamed it on her for failing to be a good daughter and letting the family down.”

(Link): Dad Faces Life In Prison After Killing Daughter And Cutting Body Into Pieces

  • WENZHOU CITY, China—Police report that a father in China cut his 12-year-old daughter into pieces and dumped the pieces in a public bathroom across the street.
  • According to Daily Mirror, the father, Zhang Li, said he strangled his daughter because she was doing poorly at school.
  • Police said that he reported her missing under pressure from his wife.
  • Three days later, a maintenance worker reported to police that he had found a severed hand in a public toilet.