Youth Pastor Molests Daughter, Lead Pastor Dedicates Children to Satan

Youth Pastor Molests Daughter, Lead Pastor Dedicates Children to Satan

For the billionth time: a Christian, unmarried woman is just as well-off marrying a Non-Christian as a guy who is a Christian who does things likes molests children, kills cats, or dedicates kids to Satan. I am not seeing a strong case here to apply “be equally yoked” to marriage.

Let this also serve as another example that marriage or being a parent does not instantly bestow a person with character, good morals, or godliness – the guy who did these deeds is married with a kid.

I have never married and never been a parent, but I’ve also never molested any kids, killed animals, or been involved in Satanism. A person does not need marriage or to pro-create to be a decent, ethical, compassionate, or law-abiding human being.

(Link): Youth Pastor Molests Daughter, Lead Pastor Dedicates Children to Satan

  • October 2, 2014|12:44 pm
  • The 2005 Louisiana church molestation case that inspired the plot for the first season of HBO’s “True Detective” series involved a so-called youth pastor sexually abusing his own daughter and the lead pastor dedicating children to satan.

    Details of the case, which involved pastor Louis Lamonica Jr., and youth pastor Austin “Trey” Bernard of Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, were revealed in a new VICE media documentary, “The Real ‘True Detective.'”

    Lamonica’s initial confession to local police opened up the case in 2005. The detectives who worked the case, captain Stuart Murphy of the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office and Tom Tedder, a special agent with the FBI, discussed it in greater detail with VICE and revealed some horrifying details.

  • Murphy revealed part of Bernard’s confession where he discussed the likelihood that he molested his own daughter.

    “I did touch my daughter and have improper contact with her,” Bernard told police in his confession. “At about 1-year-old, I began having shaking hands when changing her diaper, fearing what I am capable of.”

    Lamonica, who is now serving four concurrent life sentences for the details he gave up in his confession, admitted to satanic practices, child molestation, and the abuse of his own children inside the church.

    “And the dedication of [this 1-year old] into satan was this pentagram,” said Lamonica to police during his confession. She would be standing in the middle and it was like, her little dress/outfit was taken off and, there was a animal killed. If I remember right, it was a cat. Killed, blood drained and everybody drank the blood.”

  • …Murphy described the molestation that allegedly went on in the church as an exhibition that involved members sharing the children with each other to sexually abuse. The adults also confessed to each other the heinous things they did to them during their prayer meetings.
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