In Today’s Pop Culture Virginity Is A Dirty Word – by C. Vicari

In Today’s Pop Culture Virginity Is A Dirty Word


(Link):  50 Shades of Grey Areas in the Church

(the “50 Shades of Grey” post originally appeared (Link): here, at “Juicy Ecumenism”)

Yep. Among Christians and Non-Christians, all expressions of sexuality are accepted and defended, except for virginity and celibacy – those get ridiculed or insulted.

All the whining and ranting I see against purity culture or that Christians supposedly worship virginity and sexual purity are mostly laughable.

The hypocrisy and double standards on this makes me want to throw up – the groups who rant against virginity or celibacy support all other forms of sexuality under the sun, including deviant behavior. They don’t seem to care or respect the fact that some adults choose of their own free will to abstain from sex.

(Link):  50 Shades of Grey Areas in the Church


  • by C Vicari
  • Oct 3, 2014
  • But let me remind us all, that preserving sex for marriage is not something “conservative Christians” invented to be strict, oppressive to women, or used to point fingers and embarrass those, like me, who have crossed boundaries in the past. Sexuality in marriage between a man and a woman is something God Himself invented.
  • …. I believed it, for a time, when our pop culture told us “virginity” is a way that our so-called patriarchal society oppresses women. This reason, I’m told, that feminism must prevail.Then I watch the hardcore-porn novel “50 Shades of Grey,” whose themes glamorize the enslavement, sexual violence and female inequality of a young woman contracted by her old, white businessman, break sales records worldwide. However, feminist did not cry out. Instead they’ve championed it. Newly declared feminist Beyoncé’s music will underlay the 50 Shades of Grey movie soundtrack next year.Cue the Double Standards. This piece of pop culture with its glaring objectification of women goes absolutely viral, yet virginity is a new dirty word.
  • ….Maybe you’ve come into contact with what I’m talking about? Maybe you’ve noticed the growing bitterness towards what some so-called Christians have dubbed the “purity culture” in our churches?
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