‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity

‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity

(Link):  ‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity


  • October 3 2014
  • A  (Link): new study by researchers at the University of Indiana found that Facebook users in relationships frequently use the site to keep in touch with “back-burners” — exes or platonic friends they know they could connect with romantically, should their current relationships go south.
  • Men have back-burners at roughly twice the rate of women, the study found.
  • But among both genders, the practice is widespread: On average, respondents in relationships said they had romantic or sexual conversations with two people (!) besides their current partner.That comes on top of a a recent release by the research agency OnePoll, which suggested as many as half of all women keep in touch with a “back-up husband” they could contact if their current husband doesn’t work out. (“With sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with an old flame,” a OnePoll rep (Link): told the Daily Mail.)

    Meanwhile, sex researchers have recently begun to treat “remote infidelity” — emotional cheating, via social media or smartphone — as a valid topic of research. And it’s on the rise, the noted relationship scholar and anthropology professor (Link): Helen Fisher told Salon.

    “If you’re rushing away from the dinner table with your family to check your e-mail,” Fisher said, “it’s affecting your relationship.”


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2 thoughts on “‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity”

  1. Sorry, this article made me laugh. Only men THINK they can reconnect with their ex backburners, in reality not so. Also, this article reveals a lack of understanding from a female perspective. WHy the heck would I want to resurrect someone I dumped [exes], or someone that dumped me in the past? If they were crap then, they’re still crap to me now. I don’t live my life looking in the rearview mirror…

  2. I’ve noticed this sort of thinking and acting is becoming very common amongst Christian youth. They’ll have 1 person to give you all the social, personal, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intimacy and support of that of a Significant Other, whom they keep as a close friend. Then they have a someone whose not a christian who they get sexual pleasure from that they actually date.

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