Ask Men site’s Woman Virgin Shaming Editorial, entitled, ‘Five Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin’

Ask Men site’s Virgin Shaming Editorial, entitled, ‘Five Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin’

I guess the writer of this piece (I am assuming this was written by a male), or most men today, would be fine with having sex with Bambi, Tiffani, or Brittney, all of whom have banged hundreds of men in one night stands ever since they were fifteen years of age, because they “have experience” and “won’t become too attached.”

Here’s the link to the bigoted, gross, virgin-shaming editorial – which is, wait for it: written by a woman, supposedly, I just notice her name, a “Sarah Stefanson” (it could be that is a pen name, and the person who wrote this is a man) :

(Link):  5 Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin (link is to page two of the article)


by Sarah Stefanson

1- There’s extra prep work

Unlike a more experienced woman, a virgin really doesn’t know what to expect. This means that you’re going to have to put in some effort before the deed is done and plan ahead to make sure that she’s comfortable and completely willing.

It may take some considerable convincing on your part to get her into bed, and while that isn’t one of our five reasons not to sleep with a virgin, your seduction skills will certainly be put to the test when it comes to taking a girl’s virginity.

Also, the older she is, the harder it will be.

If she has managed to protect her virginity all through high school and into her 20s, it will be that much more difficult to persuade her that she should give it up to you.

4- She lacks skills

Since she’s inexperienced, she’s probably not going to be that good in bed, and that’s a big reason not to sleep with a virgin.

There are exceptions to this rule, of course, since there are plenty of skills a girl can learn before she loses her actual virginity.

If, however, she has little experience with sexual activity in general, the encounter is not going to be all that pleasurable for you.

If all you want is the power trip that comes from taking her virginity, then you’re golden, but if you want a mutually satisfying sexual experience, you should look for someone who has had time to develop some sexual skills.

5- It could get messy

There is a possibility that having sex with a virgin could literally make a mess of your sheets. Being penetrated for the first time is likely to hurt her and it could result in some bleeding. If the sight of blood makes you squeamish, devirginizing a girl is not for you. A woman’s first sexual experience can leave a very unsexy mess to clean up.
— end —

Notice in much of this list, all the emphasis is on the man and what the man wants, and how having sex with a female virgin may inconvenince him in some manner. My god, the entitlement. The lack of concern for another human being. People today are incredibly self-absorbed.

Notice also, under point 2, which reads (see the portion in bold face):

2- There’s a freak-out potential

When it comes to having sex with a virgin, the potential for her to freak out before, during or after the sex act is quite high. She may decide at the last minute that she doesn’t want to go through with it or she may feel massively guilty afterward for having done it. Because so much importance is put on her virginity, her first time is bound to be an emotional experience, which means that you might have to deal with panic, sadness, guilt, and other unpleasant reactions….
— end excerpt —

Secularists cannot make up their freaking minds on this.

I just reviewed a Hollywood film (link to that review) about female virginity several months ago, and the new narrative being put out by Non-Christians in movies is that a woman giving up her virginity is no longer considered special or important by women any longer – but this writer is saying, yes, it is.

According to one article I linked to months ago, most women do NOT bleed or feel pain when they lose their virginity – the article said some do, but some don’t.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Men site’s Woman Virgin Shaming Editorial, entitled, ‘Five Reasons Not To Sleep With A Virgin’”

  1. Another can’t win situation, (dammed if you, dammed if you don’t) If men don’t want virgins or whores, may we offer them a chimp? I’m pretty sure he’s one of those writers that turn around after writing a piece like this and states ” Why women should respect themselves” as in (stop sleeping around you slut) As always the focus it’s very selfish (just what he would experience) and little or nothing about the girl position in an act that involves two people. It’s becoming more common for men to want to reap the benefits of past relationships and bring them a good standing status while they do nothing to improve our present lives. I also read somewhere else that virgin women should use toys for months before having sex for the first time in order to lessen the pain and messiness of the first time. Such crap, real man of the past just went in and did it, not afraid of a one day thing. It’s truly laughable and I don’t see why women should do this to themselves and risk injury so that some guy doesn’t get to see blood or uncomfortable pain. I just stopped caring about what men want because everything they say it’s contradictory and at the end of the day they are in no position to request anything from you.

  2. I think I’ve seen this article before, and for the sake of my sanity, I won’t read it again.

    It hurts like hell to be a virgin in today’s virgin-shaming society. I’m a female, btw.

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