Ohio Preacher Asked Men if they Performed Oral Sex on Spouses, Asked Males if they Had Large Penises, Asked to Look at their Penises, Asked One Actor if He Shaved His Pubic Hair, Encouraged Women Congregants to Get Abortions, Males to Get Vasectomies / Another Blow to “Be Equally Yoked” Christian Teachings

Ohio Preacher Asked Men if they Performed Oral Sex on Spouses, Asked Males if they Had Large Penises, Asked to Look at their Penises, Asked One Actor if He Shaved His Pubic Hair, Encouraged Women Congregants to Get Abortions, Males to Get Vasectomies / Another Blow to “Be Equally Yoked” Christian Teachings

(Link):  Ohio televangelist ‘forced members to have vasectomies and abortions, told women to treat pregnancies as tumors and allowed children to be sexually abused’

  • Vasectomies and abortions encouraged to save offspring from today’s evils 
  • A pregnant woman was told to treat her fetus as if it was a tumor
  • Abuse victims claim Ernest Angley told them to keep their allegations secret

Before I paste in a bunch more links to this news story, here are some of my thoughts about it:

Yet another shining example of why Christian women should not even bother with “being equally yoked,” as some church-going, self professing Christian men, some of whom work as elders or preachers, are perverts who molest people or overstep their bounds.

I am surprised at how many Christians went along with this perverted preacher and for how long. Some of them went to this guy’s church for months or years before working up the courage or disgust to walk out.

Christians are some of the biggest, passive wimps I have ever met.

Many Christians are severely codependent – they routinely take Bible verses about “being meek” and “turning the cheek” and “loving your enemy” to wrongly assume the Bible is teaching them to be doormats and to tolerate evil and idiots – but it’s not teaching you to put up with any of that, or to be a doormat.

What I am trying to say is that if you are a grown man (or woman) attending a church where the pastor tells you to get an abortion, or asked you to drop your drawers to look at your penis, or he asks if you perform oral sex on your wife, or whatever inappropriate action or remark he makes, you should respond in one of several ways to these scenarios:

  • 1. Punch him in his disgusting face
  • 2. Tell him none of his damn business, and that he is a pervert
  • 3. Extend your middle finger to his face and tell him to F*CK OFF
  • 4. Stop attending his church the first time such a situation occurs

What is not an option: complying with his disgusting wish. This dude is just some old perverted coot. He has no authority over you, NONE.

Assuming you work at a secular job (not at the same church where the abuse is going down):

Just like your boss at your job has no right to threaten your ass with firing if you don’t sleep with him or show him your nude penis, and just as your boss at your job has no right to ask about your sexual habits, you are under no obligation to go along with bat sh*t insane requests like, “so, tell me, do you have a big penis,” or, “hey, drop your pants and underwear so I can check out your genitals” from your preacher.

Christians of the world, being a “good, biblical Christian” has nothing to do with being a doormat.

Stop allowing people to exploit you.

Never participate in something that makes you feel uncomfortable, such as telling your pastor how big your penis is, or what your sex life is like. Those subjects and ones like them are NONE OF YOUR PREACHER’S BUSINESS, not even in the guise of “men’s accountability” meetings or groups.

Seriously, go out and get a copy of the books,

  • Boundaries” by Christian psychiatrists Cloud and Townsend,
  • No More Christian Nice Guy” by Paul Coughlin,
  • The Disease to Please” by Dr. H. Braiker

-and read them, read those books! If money is an issue, perhaps your local library has copies you can check out.

The first two books will explain to you why being a Christian does NOT MEAN having to take sh-t off other people (God does not expect, command, or demand that you permit yourself to be abused or used by other people), the third is a general book not necessarily written from a “Christian” view but it is invaluable to Christians who are too terrified to say “no” to people and who believe that having limits is selfish, mean, or unbiblical.

Christians: You have a right to say “no” to gross or weird questions or requests, even from your church preacher.

Also: as much as I cannot stand the extreme emphasis most churches put on marriage, natalism, and parenting, which alienates singles, widowers, and the infertile – I do NOT condone the extreme opposite: a church where the pastor and/or other members pressure people to NOT marry or NOT have children.

Whether you marry or not or have a kid or not is YOUR CHOICE, and your church should shut their pie holes about it.

The Bible defends all situations: having a kid, not having a kid (whether by choice or by circumstance); being single OR being married.

There is nothing sinful or shameful about getting married OR being single, or with having children or NOT having children.

(Link):  Ohio televangelist ‘forced members to have vasectomies and abortions, told women to treat pregnancies as tumors and allowed children to be sexually abused’

  • Vasectomies and abortions encouraged to save offspring from today’s evils 
  • A pregnant woman was told to treat her fetus as if it was a tumor
  • Abuse victims claim Ernest Angley told them to keep their allegations secret

(Link):  Televangelist pastor accused of forcing vasectomies and abortions on church members

Former members of Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio have accused church leader and televangelist Ernest Angley of demanding they have abortions or vasectomies, and that he would both engage in and turn a blind eye to sexual abuse in the church.

Over 20 former members of Angley’s congregation spoke with the Akron Beacon Journal in its six-part series on various allegations made against the 93-year-old preacher. Former members said he pushed vasectomies and abortions, and that he would personally examine “the genitals of the male parishioners before and after their [vasectomy] surgeries,” the Beacon Journal wrote.

One former member of Grace Cathedral said “none of us have kids because he makes all the men get fixed.”“You’re not allowed to have babies there,” Becky Roadman told the Beacon Journal.

(Link):  Bob Dyer’s Reporting Reveals Covered-Up Claims of Sexual Abuse at Ernest Angley’s Church in Cuyahoga Falls

(Link):  Reports: Shocking allegations against Televangelist Ernest Angley

(Link):  Report: Ohio pastor accused of genital exams, encouraging abortions

(Link):  Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral rocked by accusations involving abortions and vasectomies

By Bob Dyer
Beacon Journal staff writer

….Angley’s church is a dangerous cult where pregnant women are encouraged to have abortions, childless men are encouraged to have vasectomies and Angley — who preaches vehemently against the “sin” of homosexuality — is himself a gay man who personally examines the genitals of the male parishioners before and after their surgeries.

They also say he turns a blind eye to sexual abuse by other members of his church.During the past few months, a tear has ripped through the 3,000-seat auditorium known as Grace Cathedral. One longtime associate pastor resigned, telling friends and family he felt he had been inappropriately touched by Angley for seven years.

…. I’m not a homosexual. God wouldn’t use a homosexual like he uses me. He calls me his prophet, and indeed I am. …

….The Beacon Journal spoke individually with 21 former members of the church who insist that Angley has been running a cult, not a church, and say he consistently threatens and intimidates his flock into following his instructions, bullying them into life-changing decisions that often split up families.

These folks say Angley controls virtually every aspect of their lives, from deciding what they read and watch on TV to whom they will marry and when. The sheer amount of time they are urged to spend at the church — three- to five-hour services, multiple times per week, plus a host of other activities — enables him to limit outside interference, they say.

….But a parade of ex-members — some who departed 25 years ago, some who departed only a few months ago — scoff at those assertions.“This man is a monster,” said Pam Cable of Akron, who left the church in 1988. “He’s a monster. And I can’t understand why all these years have gone by and nobody’s ever really been able to do anything about him.

Preventing children

He and others say Angley holds so much sway over his members’ lives that he has persuaded them to get abortions and vasectomies even when they didn’t want to.“None of us have kids because he makes all the men get fixed,” said Becky Roadman, 32, who quit the church last year and now lives in Georgia. “You’re not allowed to have babies there.”

That assertion is seconded by Akron resident Angelia Oborne, who worked in the church’s restaurant, the Cathedral Buffet, for 20 years before quitting the church a year and a half ago.“My husband and I can’t have children because my husband had a vasectomy,” she said. “We were looking at getting it reversed, but I’m 35 years old and … may not be able to have children anymore.

…Oborne says Angley once advised a friend to think of her growing fetus as “a tumor.”“She was four months pregnant and she sat in the [abortion clinic] waiting room and told her baby that she was so sorry that she was doing this,” Oborne said.“I know another girl — she won’t come forward — but she was forced into having four abortions.”Reluctant follower

Among those who have been pressured into abortions is Mimi Camp of Munroe Falls.Camp was 25 and the mother of two boys when she and her husband moved from Florida to Akron and joined the church. When she became pregnant again and revealed what she figured would be the joyous news, her husband was upset, quoting Angley as saying, “It’s against God’s will for anyone to have a child.”

Ulterior motive

Some former members believe Angley has an ulterior motive in trying to prevent his parishioners from having children. Among them is Greg Mulkey of Barberton.Mulkey was a prominent figure at Grace Cathedral, a singer in the Hallelujahs, a group featured on Angley’s TV broadcasts, and a key member of the church choir.“He doesn’t want people to have kids because it would take their time and money away from [the church],” he said.

(Link):  Ohio Pastor Forced Members To Get Abortions, Vasectomies? Children Divert Money From Church

(Link):  Pastor Accused of Forcing Vasectomies, Abortions, Sex With Boys

(Link):  Allegations of sexual abuse are kept internal at Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral

(Link):   Ernest Angley Accused Of Genital Exams, Encouraging Abortion

(Link): Departed associate pastor was a liar, adulterer and drug addict, according to church leaders

“You’re not a medical doctor,” a reporter said to the clergyman during the interview. “Why would you examine men’s genitals before and after vasectomies?”

Oct 14, 2014

Former members of Ernest Angley’s congregation say people who leave the church are not only shunned, but also often criticized by name during services.Perhaps no one has been subjected to more venom than former Associate Pastor Brock Miller, who stepped down July 4.Miller told friends and family that he left because he had been “violated” by Angley for seven years and could no longer take it.

Angley “had him undress and touched him all over,” said a family member who did not want to be identified because many members of the large family are still devout followers.

“I don’t believe he touched him on his part, but it doesn’t matter. That doesn’t belong in the church. It doesn’t belong anywhere, but it [certainly] doesn’t belong in the church.”When asked whether Angley explained the reason for the touching, the person replied, “[Miller] was receiving ‘a special anointing.’?”

…. Angley himself weighed in next, calling Miller’s allegations “dirty lies [from] someone who committed adultery.”

The 93-year-old preacher added, “Brock has been … getting drunk. He was like a zombie. I gave him four hours [in a meeting], but it didn’t do any good. There was not enough to work with.”

Usher Mike Kish joined the parade, telling the congregation, “You’re not fighting flesh and blood. You’re fighting the devil himself, straight from the pits of hell.”Kish said Miller’s goal was to persuade both Machamer and Angley to step down so Miller could take over.

…But more than a dozen former members of Grace Cathedral believe those stories. They say the July 13 assault on Brock Miller’s character was an unjustified smear campaign against someone who simply could no longer submit to Angley’s perversion.‘Nothing to gain’Miller, 29, did not initiate this series of stories.

In fact, he declined repeated requests for interviews. A family member says he is “pretty devastated right now, and humiliated and embarrassed.”The family member asked to emphasize that Miller did not accuse Angley of being a “homosexual,” but rather of “violating” him.

Miller grew up idolizing Angley. His mother was a close friend and associate of Angley’s who worked at the Cuyahoga Falls church for 30 years. Brock Miller had absolutely no incentive to fabricate the story, the relative says; in fact, he had plenty of incentive not to.

Speaking about Miller and his wife of 10 years, Candace, the family member said: “They had nothing to gain. They had to move out of their house, which was owned by the church. They were home-schooled and have no further education. They have no jobs. They had to move in with another family member. They have nothing to gain by coming forward with this.”

…Some of the former church members who talked with the Beacon Journal said a similar wave of defections took place in the mid-1990s. They said about 200 members departed after word circulated that an assistant pastor had resigned because he found out about sex acts between Angley and a parishioner.

…..Some male ex-churchgoers say they weren’t surprised by Miller’s allegations, because Angley took an inordinate amount of interest in their own genitalia.As was reported in the first installment of this series, Angley routinely brings men into his office to examine them before and after vasectomies, which he allegedly urges all of his male churchgoers to undergo.

“You’re not a medical doctor,” a reporter said during the interview. “Why would you examine men’s genitals before and after vasectomies?”“The swelling,” Angley responded. “Some of them would swell awful. I didn’t touch them, I just prayed for them. And then, I’d get success for most of them. And if they didn’t go down, I would insist they go to the doctor. And guys don’t like to go to doctors, I’ll tell you. …

…According to former church members, Angley’s interest in male body parts was not limited to pre- and post-op inspections.Kenny Montgomery, 43, who owns a mobile dog-grooming business in Akron, said a counseling session with Angley took a shocking turn.

“My wife and I were having problems because we were working all week and in church all weekend,” he said. “We started to go our separate ways and weren’t having sex anymore.“I [talked] to Ernest about that, because you’re not allowed to see an outside counselor, because an outside counselor has a ‘Doctorate of Devils,’ as he calls it.“

He asked me, ‘Do you do oral sex on her?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, but I don’t know what that has to do with it.’ And then he puts his hands over his mouth and starts stroking his chin and licking his lips. This is creepy.“

And he goes, ‘So, are you large?’ And I go, ‘What do you mean?’ And he says, ‘Your penis — is it really large?’ And I got kind of pissed. I go, ‘You know, I never sat around and compared it with another man’s.’

Another former member of the congregation, a 30-year-old male who did not want his identity revealed because his brother is still highly involved in the church, said Angley had a similar conversation with him.

“I was in his office 9, 10 months ago, discussing an issue with my girlfriend,” he said. “He was asking me, in a nutshell, why I was so frisky all the time. He said, ‘Is it because you have a big penis?’?”

Former churchgoer Becky Roadman, who left last year after 13 years of membership, said, “Angley had my husband in his office and sat right next to him on the couch asking him details about his penis.”


(Link):  Televangelist Ernest Angley, Accused of Scaring Congregants Into Working at Buffet for Free, Wins Case

Televangelist Ernest Angley and the Cathedral Buffet in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, saw an earlier decision against them overturned by an appeals court on Monday, regarding congregants who said they were pressured to work for free at the for-profit restaurant.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cleveland found that members of Grace Cathedral church who worked at Cathedral Buffet as unpaid volunteers had no expatiation of being paid.

The decision overturns federal Judge Benita Pearson’s ruling last year that found Angley liable for $388,000 in damages and back wages.

The full ruling provides details of how the televangelist allegedly pressured people into volunteering, and states: “Reverend Angley recruited volunteers from the church pulpit on Sundays. Sonya Neale, the restaurant’s manager, would tell Angley when the restaurant was shorthanded, and before his sermon, Angley would announce to the congregation that more volunteers were needed.”

August 2018 Update


(Link): Man claims sex abuse in lawsuit against televangelist Angley

The lawsuit alleges Angley made Miller lie on a bed

AKRON, Ohio (AP) – A lawsuit filed by a former associate pastor at an Ohio megachurch claims televangelist Ernest Angley sexually abused and harassed him over a 10-year period starting in 2004.

The allegations detailed in a complaint filed Wednesday in Akron by Brock Miller, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, were previously reported by the Akron Beacon Journal in January.

Miller claims Angley, who recently turned 97, forced him in 2004 to get a vasectomy as a condition of his employment, inspected his genitals, and repeatedly asked questions of a sexual nature at Angley’s Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls. The lawsuit alleges Angley made Miller lie on a bed while the televangelist massaged him.

(Link):  Former employee accuses Cuyahoga Falls televangelist Ernest Angley of sexual misconduct in lawsuit

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