Mother Admits She Loves Her Pet Dog More Than She Loves Her Son

Christians run around teaching that motherhood is a woman’s only godly calling in life, and that parenting makes a person more loving, godly, and mature – yet here we have a woman who admits she had a kid and still prefers her dog.

(Link): Mom Admits She Loves Her Dog More Than Her Son

(Link): I love my dog MORE than my son: It’s an astonishing confession – but this mother insists she means it

  • Kelly Rose adores her four-year-old West Highland White terrier, Matilda
  • She admits she sometimes loves her more than her son, William 
  • Son is growing up and becoming independent
  • But Matilda will always need her and is always affectionate 
  • Study found dogs trigger same parental instincts in adults as their children
  • …She is my four-year-old West Highland White terrier, and I freely admit that I love her as much as I love my 11-year-old son, William. In fact, on some occasions I love her more than him. And I don’t feel a bit guilty about admitting that.

    My son spreads mess around the house. He has to be chided and reminded to do his homework and put away his clothes, or told off for answering back, while my dear, sweet-natured Matilda is always obedient, even-tempered and brimming with affection.

  • ..Everything I do for Matilda [pet dog] results in love and gratitude. Every plate of food is gulped down amid much tail-wagging and excitement; the mere mention of a walk produces yaps of joy and wet doggy kisses.

    By contrast, no matter how many meals I dream up for William, how many of his clothes I launder or how many times I take him swimming or to after-school clubs, I barely get a word of recognition or thanks.

  • Before you pick up the phone to the NSPCC, you should know that I’m not alone in how I feel. A recent study revealed that dogs trigger the same parental instincts in adults as their children do. Dog-owning mums reacted with the same feelings of love and compassion to images of their pet as they did to those of their children.

    It comes as no surprise to me that in one part of the study, where the area of the brain that deals with facial recognition was analysed, the women responded more favourably to pictures of their canine companions than to pictures of their offspring.

  • This resonates with me. For, much as I love my son – and I do, more than any words could express – I also love Matilda with the same drive and passion. And on occasions, those feelings of love for her do run deeper than those I have for William.



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