Mother Kills Six Year Old, Austistic Son By Throwing Him Off A Bridge – Mothers Admit in Comments on News Articles They Wish They Could Murder Their Own Kid, or Have Aborted Kid

Mother Kills Six Year Old Son By Throwing Him Off A Bridge – Motherhood Does Not Make Women More Godly, Loving, Mature

Common claim or assumption made by Baptists, conservative evangelicals, and Christian Fundamentalists:

  • Motherhood is a woman’s only, or most high, or most godly calling, and motherhood makes a woman more godly, loving, compassionate, moral, and giving.

Flip side of coin: these same groups assume women who do not marry and/or who never have children are losers, freaks, not fulfilling God’s plan for them or their gender, or are selfish (such women are often wrongly assumed to be deliberately avoiding marriage, clinging to secular left wing feminism, or are career obsessed harpies).

Here’s yet a billionth reason as to how being married and a mother does not automatically make or guarantee that a woman will be more “godly” or loving: a woman tossed her six year old kid off a bridge, which killed him.

According to other news articles, the woman who killed her son by tossing him over a bridge was tired of taking care of him and her sick husband (her husband had developed MS).

I would also like to point out that the comments below some of these stories have other mothers saying that they too are parents to SN kids (special needs), and they too are tempted at times to murder their child because the care-taking is so exhausting, and they get no help.

Now, please tell me, evangelical and other Christians, how you can honestly sit there and say mothers are more godly when they admit to harboring fantasies of murdering their own toddlers, or 5, 6, 7, 8 year old children?

Quite obviously, being a mommy is not all it’s propagandized to be. It’s not all rainbows and cherries, and no, it’s not “all worth it.” Nor does being a parent make a person immune from sinning (from murder, from abuse, etc.)

(Link):  Oregon Mother Accused of Throwing 6-Year-Old Son with Autism Off Bridge to His Death

(Link): Mom tells 911 she threw her son off bridge

(Link):  Oregon six-year-old dead; mother tells police she threw him off bridge

Authorities recovered the body of a six-year-old boy floating in an Oregon marina on Monday night just hours after his mother told police she threw him from a nearby bridge, police said.

Jillian McCabe, 34, called police around 6:25 p.m. local time saying she had tossed her son London from the Yaquina Bay Bridge in the coastal city of Newport, the city’s police department said in a statement.

The body was spotted in the water near the Embarcadero Resort, about a mile from the bridge, roughly four hours later, police said. The statement did not mention any motive.

McCabe, who was found by police at the bridge earlier, was arrested and charged with aggravated murder, murder and first degree manslaughter, police said. She is being held on $750,000 bail.

(Link):  Mom who threw son off bridge had appealed for help

NEWPORT, Ore. — Nearly a year ago Jillian McCabe was posting cheery videos on YouTube of her 6-year-old son, London, holding a stuffed toy lion while tossing coins in a fountain to make a wish, and her husband, Matt, lying in a hospital bed talking about his sudden struggle to walk and even talk.

As darkness was falling Monday, according to a police affidavit, Jillian McCabe, 34, parked her car at the north end of the Yaquina Bay Bridge here, took her son in her arms, carried him to the middle of the span, and threw him to his death in the water below.

Then she dialed 911 on her cellphone.

“I just threw my son over the Yaquina Bay Bridge,” McCabe told the dispatcher, according to a probable cause affidavit police filed Tuesday.

… Several family members said that she had tried to get mental-health help but couldn’t find any from public and private providers.

…Andrew McCabe confirmed Tuesday that his sister-in-law had written an appeal on, a crowdfunding website. In it she described caring for her autistic son and her husband, Matt, who has been unable to work at his business doing e-mail campaigns since developing multiple sclerosis and a mass on his brain stem.

The appeal ended eight months ago, after raising $6,831 toward a goal of $50,000.

“If you are a praying person, pray for us,” Jillian McCabe wrote. “I love my husband and he has taken care of myself and my son for years and years and now it’s time for me to take the helm. I am scared and I am reaching out.”

…In 2009, a woman tossed her two young children off a bridge in Portland, killing her 4-year-old son. A daughter, then 7 years old, survived. Amanda Stott-Smith was sentenced in 2010 to at least 35 years in prison.

(Link):  Mom posts sunny video before son tossed off bridge

(Link): Woman Who Throws Son Off Bridge Is Not A Monster  

BELOW: Comments by visitors on that page (here) who say that they are parents – look at how many say it’s “not worth it” to have a kid, and/or they wish they could murder their own child, or be rid of the kid in some way.

There are also other people defending the woman’s actions in the comments, here are examples:


Have you ever had a high needs child? Yes, people choose to have children, but you don’t choose to have a high needs child. Believe me, if my child’s autism could have been detected at the scan, I’d have aborted.


As a parent of 2 high needs autistic kids I can see where the mother went to. Low functioning autism is very different form those who are more able.

My eldest one is now in care because I was not coping with a person who will be a toddler for ever.

My son can be aggressive at times.. We got help because I said I will not longer care if I do not.
I can understand why she threw him off the bridge because she had mental issues, a now sick husband and was overwhelmed.

Ye she should not have had but I really wonder who many of us caring for such children do not think it.

Had I known my two would be severe needs, I would not have had them. Maybe ti is time all governments stepped up to the plate to provide plenty of respite and be prepared to take such kids once adult into decent care or to take them on if the arent s have had enough


If you have never had to raise a profoundly disabled child, you really have no idea what it’s like.

To accept that you’re not going back to work and you have to give up the career you went to Uni for and loved to be the full time carer. To learn that your child will never be able to live an independent life, never talk, never walk, never even learn to use the toilet.

To have your husband leave you because he can’t cope with the stress to raising the child. To feel like you are neglecting your other child because your SN child needs so much.

Feeling away because your non SN child misses out on so much because of their siblings needs.

To feel the all encompassing guilt of finding yourself telling a therapist that you wish your SN child was never born.

The even worse guilt you feel when your SN child survives a health scare and you go back to therapy because you were secretly hoping your SN child would pass away so you’d be ‘free’ of raising them and you and your other child could have a normal life again and because it’s getting too hard to try and lift a 9 year old in the bath tub and you wonder how you’ll do it in a few more years.

The missing all the friends who have drifted away because you can’t maintain friendships anymore.

You don’t get it.

I feel like the worst mother alive because every day, I wish I could ‘undo’ my SN child. You don’t know what it’s like until you have one. How awful it is. How much you lose yourself.

Quote (responding to someone critical of the murder of the boy):

WalkInIssysShoes? How about Walk in the parents shoes. You try raising a violently autistic child who your other child/ren are terrified of.


I have a low functioning, violent autistic child. I wish every day it was socially acceptable to drive him to a care facility and leave him and never look back.

I wish it was socially acceptable to not have to pretend ‘I wouldn’t change a thing’. I would change everything if I could.

I’d have an abortion if I knew he’d turn out this way.

I wish I didn’t have to pretend he is a gift.

He has ruined my life, my marriage and my relationship with my two normal children, who had to go and live with my parents after he picked up my cup of hot tea when I had a one second lapse and threw it at his sister, scalding her arm.

I wouldn’t wish an autistic child on my worst enemy. It is the closest you get to hell on earth.


I have an autistic child and they ruined my life. There. I said it.


So……how many of the people being 100% unsympathetic in this thread would be willing to adopt a very low functioning autistic child with 0 return policies? Because you can have mine. ……………… no? No takers. Interesting.

-reply to that person-

I also wouldn’t adopt a shitzu [dog breed]. Doesn’t mean I would think it was ok to kill one if I found myself caring for it.


My son is severely autistic and and I’m sick of having to pretend it is sunshine and unicorn farts.

His older sister (9) said to me a few weeks ago ‘why do I have a little brother like X, why can’t I have a normal brother or sister like my friends?’.

She told me she hates him.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking that I should be mad and how can she say such a thing, but I get it. I wish I she had a ‘normal’ brother or sister too.

We can’t ever go on a holiday because DS can’t handle even the tiniest change to his routine.

So while her friends all go on holidays, the closets she gets is going to Brighton Beach with her father for a couple of hours when he has a day off on school holidays.

She rarely gets anything because all our money gets spent on DS treatment.

I had to tell her we couldn’t afford for her to do ballet this year because DS needed more treatment. It feels unfair.

She often tells me not to come to big things in her life because ‘you’ll have to bring X and…..please don’t’. She is embarrassed by the frequent meltdowns DS has. I had to take the kids to the pharmacy on the…. [snip much content, where woman complains in much more detail of the problems of raising her kid]

 No one will babysit for us because they don’t want to deal with him. Even DH’s parents are out of the picture now.

They don’t come visit because ‘we can’t handle X, I’m sorry’ and they asked us not to bring him to their home because he would tear the place apart.

We don’t get invited to parties or days out or any family function because everyone knows X will cause a scene.

I have lost my fulfilling career to be a full time carer for this awful child that is impossible to love. My marriage is crap

. DH and me are barely together anymore. We are basically just sticking together because DH is too nice a person to saddle me with him alone.

DD once said ‘X ruined everything.

Yeah. He did.

Not an hour goes by I wish I didn’t think ‘one and done’ and stop with my daughter.


People are saying she “snapped”. After reading this article all i see is a woman under severe strain due to numerous hardships. But she didnt snap. She planned this. Planned. Let that sink in for a moment. She thought about how to kill her child and devised a plan. Then executed that plan.
I have nothing but compassion for this woman. She was under a severe amount of strain. But the bottom line is she planned and carried out the murder of her son.
She is a murderer. Period.
She threw her son off a bridge so she wouldnt have to deal with him anymore. That is the bottom line. The rest is just excuses.

…My sister has a severely disabled daughter. Screams all hours, has a condition that causes explosive diarrhea 6-7 times a day. I am absolutely positive my sister has thoughts of walking away too. But she doesnt . Because thats her daughter.


my oldest brother has autism, sounds much more social than this child that died, & it was hard for the family.

The whole family revolves around this child. My brother was quite violent to his younger sisters (one of them me), there was always shouting, crying, disharmony, please don’t judge someone until you walk in their shoes!

Often parents just can’t keep going….if you think Australia is poor at helping the disabled imagine being in America without free health care!

I am not defending infanticide, but clearly this mother was at the end of her sanity! no future, no respite, no support, no financial security!


I promise that this is my last rant on this subject. So many comments are making the presumption that it was the stress of caring for her autistic child that drove this woman to killing her child. I did not get that from the article. I did not get that the boy’s condition was the primary circumstance affecting her mental health.

It seemed like her partner’s illness was equally important in terms of context. Certainly, the excerpt from her blog, which is the only time we hear her own voice, does not mention her son’s condition. It mentions her husband’s sudden illness and his “complaining”. Just saying.

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  1. Well said. On a related note, you may be aware that in the UK Channel 5 this week is airing a documentary on the serial killers Fred and Rose West from Gloucester (UK). This evil pair is another example that destroys the radical pro-marriage hogwash that marriage makes people “nicer” or “more mature” or “more civilised”.

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