Wedding Planner Turns Out to Be Con Artist, Rips Off Couples

This is another one of those times I feel glad I’ve never married.

(Link):  Wedding planner steals marriage dreams from clients to blow on gambling addiction

  • I Plan New York’s Lisa Harrison crushed the dreams of fairytale weddings when she used her trusting clients money to feed her voracious online gambling addiction.
  • Three women Friday told how their dreams of fairytale weddings in New York were left in tatters by a cruel British conwoman.
  • Grasping Lisa Harrison set herself up as a wedding planner specializing in ceremonies in the Big Apple — but stole more than $125,000 from clients.
  • The 34 year-old blew all the money on her online gambling addiction and left 19 couples heartbroken.
  • Harrison, who ran iPlan New York from her home in Earith, Cambs., UK, was jailed this week for two years after admitting fraudulent trading.
  • Peterborough Crown Court heard how she stole the money in the space of a few months in the summer of 2013, luring her victims with good exchange rates and flight upgrades.
  • They described her as “charismatic” and “convincing” and said she had betrayed their trust by shattering their dreams.
  • Toni Bacura and boyfriend Scott Mckillop, both 25, of Livingstone, Scotland paid $9,000 to Harrison for a romantic wedding ceremony in Central Park.
  • Toni, a medical lab scientist, said: “She said the good exchange rates were the perk of being a tourism company.
  • “But we never seemed to get anything back and none of the transactions seemed to come to fruition.
  • “Even when that was happening we didn’t doubt her.”
  • She added: “Something went very wrong for her, but she dragged us all in too, it’s heartbreaking.”