Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman

Evangelicals and other types of Christians frequently like to teach or assume that being married makes a person impervious to sexual sin (they assume singles are harlots), and that being married makes a person more mature and responsible.

Apparently, the pervert featured in this story is married to a woman, and he also had sexual contact with men at one time. He said his sexual orientation changed – he used to consider himself homosexual but says he is now “90% hetero.”

My feelings about people who have sex with animals: Anyone who has sex with animals should be hanged. Ditto for people who fondle or rape children, or who sexually assault adults.

I’d also like to mention this story points to another flaw in Christian teachings about marriage.

Often times, Christians will present marriage as though it’s only conferred by God on to people who achieve some sort of standard in life – which may be holiness, selfless-ness, maturity, whatever.

Some Christians will teach if you want marriage but are still single, you must be “making marriage into an idol,” and until you want God more than you want marriage, God will with-hold marriage from you.

None of these teachings are biblical. But other than that, they do not fit reality. I constantly see people who do not deserve to be married who are married. I have posted time and again on this blog news stories of married people who murder their spouses, who view child pornography, whatever.

You cannot possibly expect me to believe that God only rewards the holy and upright with marriage when I see news items like the one below about perverts who are married despite being absolute deviants.

(Link):  Horse Genitals Taste of Hay and More Curious Delights from a Horsef*cker WARNING: page has very graphic content (no photos, only text of sexual acts described in graphic detail)

That page is on Gawker, which in turn references this page (which I assume also has graphic content)

(Link): What It’s Like to Date A Horse – GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT (TEXT NO PHOTOS) From “Science of Us” site.

I feel a more adequate headline for that page would be: “What it’s like to Rape an animal and how I am disgracing myself by performing an evil, unnatural sex act”

You’ll notice that this sicko’s narrative is very similar to that of homosexuals and child molestors – he claims he was always attracted to horses sexually; he feels he was “born that way.”

I’ve often read in online news stories and seen on TV shows that many homosexuals claim they always knew they were homosexual, and believe they were “born that way,” and I’ve read interviews with child molesters online who say they’ve always felt attracted to children and feel they were born that way.

Excerpts from Science of Us site (I’ve omitted some of the more tawdry quotes from the interview):

Here, a 42-year-old man from Canada describes his life as a zoophile attracted to female horses.

So the  [horse] book aroused you? Did you masturbate over the images of horses?
Oh, yes. And later I’d go to pre-internet online dial-up forums and that’s where I came across bestiality porn. And I didn’t realize it was abnormal at that time, but the comments attached to those pictures were all going on about how disgusting it was. I was 13. So that would be when I was first aware that I was different.

..When was your first kiss?
My first kiss was from a man named Mark. He was aware of my sexual preference and interested himself in dogs after a fashion. That was about two months after I lost my virginity, so I was about 22. In all honesty, I’ve never liked kissing men; rough beards do not turn me on.

So you had your first kiss after you lost your virginity? Did you lose your virginity to a horse or a human?
A horse.

As to this next bit – these doctors and vets, who are aiding this sicko to rape horses, and who are okay with this – should be hanged. I’m completely serious. Anyone who condones this, covers for people who do this, who are involved in any way, should be hanged, or shot in the face.


Are there health and safety concerns? How did you know how to do it [sexually assault an animal] safely — did you educate yourself first?
There are a lot of things to think about. I’ve had the luck and the privilege to know two veterinarians and a doctor who were open to the idea, so I talked to them and I investigated zoonosis — the transference of diseases from animals to people.

Overall, it’s safer with a horse than a human. Horses have parasites, but they generally don’t, like us. STDs are only a risk if you share horses, and I don’t do that. Early on, an experienced zoophile friend took me under his wing and taught me something I’ll always remember: A horse is going to give you his butt before he will ever give you his head. Horses kick.

I take it you disagree with the idea that it’s abusive to have sex with animals?

Each time I have a conversation about this I see other people’s darkness projected onto what I do. Yes, anyone could tie up a horse to make sure it couldn’t hurt you and then do whatever they want to it. And, of course, that does happen. But I’ve met maybe 150 to 200 zoophiles, and I’ve never seen that. There are some people whom I would never want to associate with because they are not good people, but there are bad people in life in general.

Sex with animals is just so poorly studied. We are a varied community: city folk, country folk. The popular image of that person on the farm who goes and abuses animals because there’s no other outlet, that’s not the case. That’s just not always what happens.

What’s your number?
Between 15 and 20 horses, and about six or seven humans.

Was that anal sex?
Masturbation and anal sex. I can’t be penetrated. I have severe hemorrhoids so it’s too painful, and that made some of my gay relationships difficult, but I was always happy to pleasure my partner.

Gay relationships? When it comes to humans, do you identify as gay or straight?
That changed in my early 20s, but right now I would say I’m 90 percent heterosexual with humans and with horses.

Why did that change?

The very first human I ever loved died of AIDS about six weeks after I met him. My therapist tells me that probably had a profound effect on me

This sicko is married (if I were married and discovered the guy was sexually abusing animals, he’d get a hatchet through his skull, seriously – that his wife is okay with this? She should be hanged, too):

Do you see her [the horse] as a partner in human terms? Or is the human model the wrong way to think about it?

That’s sort of how I see it, but I guess it’s silly to project human-relationship standards onto an animal. You see, I’ve been married to a human woman for 19 years. So I would say I’m in a polygamous relationship, or at least an open relationship. My wife is the one who encouraged me to go and buy some horses.

Has she [the wife] always known about your interest in mares?

We had very serious discussions, and I told her from the start that the horses were always going to be important to me.

How did she react?

She was very, very open. It’s never been a secret or, like, something I surprised her with or made her feel like she had to agree to or we were going to break up. I don’t want to sound trite, but communication is very important in marriage.

Is it communal? Do you do it together, or does she watch?

No, but she’s more than welcome to. She’s offered to stand guard to make sure that I get privacy because one of the issues I have at the moment is that my mares can’t live on my property. So I haven’t been living with my mare friend for almost two years. It’s really depressing. But that’s to protect her: If I get caught, I can guarantee you the first thing they are going to do is put her down.

Do you and your wife have kids?

No, we don’t have kids. We are unable to do so, but we wouldn’t want to anyhow.

Since there’s so much stigma attached to being a zoophile I imagine that means you don’t tell many people. Does it cause a split personality? What is it like for you to have a sexuality that’s not really accepted or understood?

I’m really lucky to have my wife, because nobody would ever guess. I’m a private person, and I have no desire for people to know what I’m doing with my penis. I’m one of the luckiest zoos alive, as far as I can see. Having said that, though, you are quite correct that it’s something that makes people feel confused and alone, and they have no idea what to think about what they are, and they can’t talk to anybody. I’ve heard stories of people getting shock or aversion therapy. I really don’t understand the hatred.

Do you wish you could be out and proud?
Absolutely. I’ve always been a very political person, and one of the reasons I started seeing a therapist is because I found that lately I’m having trouble with what people say about zoophiles.

..What have I done? I am a normal, average, hardworking guy. I pay my taxes, I make fairly good money, I have a nice house. I have dogs, I have ferrets, I have cats, a couple of rats, chickens in my backyard I’ve saved from places where they were just going to get killed. What have I done that’s so wrong? What is so wrong about physical contact between my penis and a mare’s genitals? And it does bring a weight. The experience of being a zoo adolescent was extremely lonely. I had no one to turn to…

Can I also say, if there is an afterlife as put forth in the Bible, I am glad there is a Hell. Glad. So very happy about it.

I am really tired of the Rob Bells and other touchy feelies, the emergent or liberal Christians boo-hooing about how awful it is there is a place of eternal torment, so they choose to believe in a kindly old Grandpa-like God who allows everyone into Heaven.

Not me.

I am elated to think about deviants like the one in this article (as well as his vets, his therapist, his wife, all his friends who know about his abuse of this horse) burning in Hell for all eternity.

I’m also cool with child molesters, rapists, Muslim ISIS members, and serial killers, spending eternity in torment.

I don’t think deviants like the guy in this article understand it’s not only that he is harming an animal, but he is disgracing his own body and sexuality. Humans are meant to have sex with other humans, not with horses or other types of animals. This guy is sinning against his own body.

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2 thoughts on “Pervert Who Regularly Has Sex With Horses is Married to Human Woman”

  1. “Often times, Christians will present marriage as though it’s only conferred by God on to people who achieve some sort of standard in life – which may be holiness, selfless-ness, maturity, whatever.

    Some Christians will teach if you want marriage but are still single, you must be “making marriage into an idol,” and until you want God more than you want marriage, God will with-hold marriage from you.”

    Exactly. There is a floor to how much a good Christian young man or woman cannot care about *ever* getting married. For some reason, Christians with a sexual past are encouraged to marry, and Christians without a sexual past are told to feel guilty for even desiring marriage.

    1. @trugingstar , thank you for the comments.
      I’ve brought that topic up before on the blog, or ones closely related.

      The Bible doesn’t say that wanting to be married is idolatry or that it’s wrong to desire marriage, nor does it set out a limit how much wanting marriage is “too much.”

      Most people in the United States today who marry married precisely because at one point, they wanted to be married, so I find the usual Christian teaching that “wanting marriage = idolatry” to be nonsensical and hypocritcal, especially when wielded by married Christians.

      I’m dying to ask the people who teach this crap, “Okay, you’re married now, correct? So, are you saying you had zero desire to marry your spouse? Yeah? Then why did you marry her? Was it a shot gun wedding, what? You obviously desired marriage and pursued it, otherwise, you’d have remained single, so do not lecture me about how wanting marriage is supposedly idolatry”

      Also, if you are in fact happy and content being single past age 25, these SAME Christians SHAME YOU for not pursuing marriage. They scream, pout, and yell about how people today delay marriage or skip marriage altogether. Christians speak out of both sides of their mouths on this issue.
      See also (posts at this blog),
      Desire for Marriage is Idolatry?

      Christian Double Standard – Pray Earnestly For Anything & Everything – Except Marriage?

      This post also touches on this topic that wanting marriage is supposedly idolatry (unless I’m confusing it with another Driscoll post on my blog):
      Mark Driscoll on Single Christian Women Who Desire Marriage – the positives and negatives of his piece

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