Does Sexism Hurt Men Too? If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?

Does Sexism Hurt Men Too?  If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?

I have noticed that secular, left wing feminists can be complete hypocrites at times, and I’ve discussed it before (see links at bottom, under “Related Posts”).

I’ve never heard of John Prescott before – he’s mentioned in the following editorial – have no idea who he is, but this editorial does highlight some of the double standards that left wing feminists harbor.

I still believe that society places far more emphasis on women concerning physical appearance than it does males.

Women are not allowed in American (or British) culture to age, gain weight, or get wrinkles.

We women are expected to be perpetually stick thin, sexy at all times, we cannot have wrinkles, we can never age.

Men don’t face as near as much pressure to retain a thin, youthful, and attractive appearance, but they have been getting more pressure in this area in recent years.

And, which in a way, is not entirely a bad thing.

Christian men seem to be coddled by Christian culture to think that so long as they do things like read their Bible daily, claim to love Jesus and attend church once a week, that they can be bald, fat, ugly, be 56 years old, and weigh 678 pounds and still qualify for a sexy, 22 year old, stick thin, chesty woman as a wife or girlfriend.

Which is wrong, as well as delusional thinking.

Many Christian women are visually oriented and would prefer to date good looking men rather than ugly or fat ones, and it doesn’t matter how “godly” the men in question are. Most men don’t hear that message in most Christian material on dating, however.

I’m not saying it’s good that men are starving themselves to death to be pretty, but that some of them are now catching on that it’s not enough to have a great job, attend church, or have money, that doing or having those things does not entitle them to a great, attractive, smart woman, is a message they need to come to terms with.

The page below compares two photos. One photo was from some company campaign, showing women in their underwear, a photo which got a lot of criticism from feminists. The other photo shows a similar advertisement campaign but it contains a built, studly looking young male model in only his underwear.

(Link): If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?


  • When John Prescott revealed he suffered from bulimia, he was ridiculed
  • But recently, feminists complained that a Victoria Secret’s ad played on women’s insecurities and sent out damaging messages 
  • There was no similar outcry over David Gandy’s steamy M&S posters 
  • But Peter Lloyd claims ‘muscle men’ are unarguably as damaging to male self-perception as The Perfect Body is to females
  • In a controversial new book, he claims men are the real victims of sexism 


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2 thoughts on “Does Sexism Hurt Men Too? If this picture of ‘perfect’ women is being blamed for self-hate and eating disorders… then why isn’t this one?”

  1. If men start seeing themselves more and more sexualized and don’t start fighting it, they will simply get used to it. But if they get used to themselves being portrayed as purely sexual beings they will just further sexualize women.

    This will not end well.

    1. @ ladashasmithson
      I don’t know, you may be right, but if this causes ugly, fat men to stop feeling entitled to hotter, better looking women, I’m rather supportive of it.

      I stay in shape and am attractive but have constantly been approached by unattractive and/or fat guys over my life who thought they had a shot with me (they did not).

      No matter how ugly a man is, I have found that they still feel worthy enough to date good-looking women.

      It’s about time men realize that women do value physical appearance as well, and it’s not enough to have a lot of money, a nice car, or a steady job, or to love Jesus, attend church, and read a Bible.

      If you are a man who is bald, you have a beer gut, or are missing most of your teeth, you’re going to be single a lot longer than the guy who has a full head of hair, who has teeth, who stays in shape, etc.

      I don’t see many preachers in the Christian faith mention these facts in their sermons or blogs on dating. They frequently tell single women to stay hot and sexy looking, to diet and visit a gym on a regular basis, but generally don’t advise single men to stay in shape.

      These preachers seem to feel that looks do not matter to women, and they would be wrong about that.

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