Theme Park Bans Single Adults For Fear They Are All Pedophiles

Theme Park Bans Single Adults For Fear They Are All Pedophiles

I am only surprised this is not an evangelical Christian owned theme park (or maybe it is).

Edit. Are the people who run this theme park not aware of the fact that a lot of pedophiles are MARRIED, and some have biological children of their own? (See  (Link): this page for examples. And this page).

(Link):  Puxton Park refuses single people entry over paedophile fears

(Link): Paedophile-fear Puxton Park ban blamed on jailed mayor

(Link): Single Adults Banned From Park In Case They Are Pedophiles 


A bird enthusiast made a 25-mile trip to see a falconry display at a family leisure park only to be told that single adults are banned – for fear of paedophiles.

Married man Matthew Richards, 54, a father of three grown-up children, was staggered by the rule at award-winning Puxton Park, a family-orientated leisure attraction near Weston-super-Mare.Mr Richards, who also has three grandchildren, had previously visited the park with his family to admire the birds of prey.But when he returned on Thursday hoping to watch another falconry display he was told he couldn’t be admitted as a single man, on child protection grounds.

Puxton Park claimed the rule, which is explained in the small print on its website, was “in line with all other parks”.However Mr Richards, of High Littleton, near Bath, said he couldn’t understand the ban and questioned why the rule was not explained on the brochure which prompted him to visit.He said: “I was frankly amazed. I was told the rule applies to single men, and women, for the protection of children.”I couldn’t see anything about the rule on the brochure which I picked up at another attraction.”We have taken one of our grandchildren there before, and I saw that the falconry was there and thought it would be interesting to go back and see the displays.

“They are advertising adult memberships as gifts so I can’t understand it.”

(Link): Theme park bans unaccompanied adults in case they are paedophiles as bird enthusiast grandfather is told he can’t watch falconry display

(Link): UK based Puxton Park bans all single adults out of pedophile fears

(Link): British theme park bans unaccompanied adults out of fear of pedophiles 

Bosses at Puxton Park, in Somerset, have forbidden men and women from visiting the attraction on their own to protect younger parkgoers. The park’s managing director defended the policy, citing the case of an elected official who visited the venue before being jailed on child porn charges last month.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 6:59 AM

A British theme park has banned unaccompanied adults from entry — in case they are pedophiles.Bosses at Puxton Park, in Somerset, forbid men and women from visiting the attraction on their own just in case they are child sex predators, reports the Western Daily Press.The rule came to light Thursday after a bird-watcher was barred from visiting a falconry display.

Married dad of three Matthew Richards, 54, was turned away at the gate after staff said they didn’t admit single adults on child protection grounds.

“I almost feel discriminated against. I could understand it if it was for the attractions that young children only enjoy, but the falconry is of interest to all,” he told the Western Daily Press.The incident sparked a barrage of abuse towards the adventure park, with many critics saying it is “political correctness gone mad.”

But Puxton Park’s managing director Alistair Mead defended the policy, which he said he was “forced to implement … because of the society we live in.”He claimed it had been in place for seven years, and was in line with other venues in the area.

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