Married Guy Tells Advice Columnist His Wife Cheated on Him Numerous Times With Other MARRIED Men

Married Guy Tells Advice Columnist His Wife Cheated on Him Numerous Times With Other MARRIED Men

Society definitely has a bias that unmarried adults are dangerous to married people. Conservative Christians also have an insulting mindset that single adults are very apt to seek out married people for romps in the hay.

It’s also thought – by Non Christians and Christians – the married women have no interest in sex at all.

Stories like the one below are not terribly rare, though. Here is a married guy who says that his wife cheated on him many times in his marriage with OTHER MARRIED MEN.

Obviously, his wife could not have been all too dis-interested in sex if she was having sex with other men. This also demonstrates that married people need to stop viewing all adult singles as threats and realize that married people sometimes cheat with other married people.

(Link): Tell Me About It: No need to remain friends with spouse who cheated

  • Dear Carolyn:
  • My wife and I are divorcing after many years of marriage, and I am having a difficult time understanding her desire to remain friends.
  • The reason for the divorce is her cheating on me multiple times.
  • I finally realized that our marriage died many years ago.
  • All of her affairs were with married men, so her actions destroyed multiple families, and I don’t want to associate with a person who has so little respect for the feelings of other people.
  • I realize we will have to interact at family events, but I would like to keep our communication to a minimum — which is causing resentment on her part and confusion for our families. How do I stay true to my convictions without coming off as the bad guy?
  • — No-Win Situation
  • Dear No-Win: What’s so bad about coming off as the bad guy?
  • If she thinks you’re mean for declining her overtures of friendship, tough biscuits for her.
  • If your families are confused, mark a path for them toward understanding without stamping on your ex: “Please trust me; I have my reasons for keeping my distance.”