Hungry ISIS Fighters (Muslim Extremists) Just Want Their Wives To Cook Pancakes – When Islam Sounds Like Christianity

Hungry ISIS Fighters (Muslim Extremists) Just Want Their Wives To Cook Pancakes – When Islam Sounds Like Christianity

(Link):  Hungry ISIS fighters just want their wives to cook pancakes (excerpts from this article much farther below) No, the heading of this blog post,

  •  Hungry ISIS Fighters (Muslim Extremists) Just Want Their Wives To Cook Pancakes – When Islam Sounds Like Christianity 

is not a strawman.

I can just imagine Christians wanting to tell me that Christianity is nothing like Islam.

But it is, in some regards.

Despite the fact that no conservative Christian group I am aware of would “honor kill” a woman for being a rape victim or decapitate a woman as some Muslims do, both groups never the less share some similar views about women, which happen to be restrictive towards women.

Understand that I was brought up in this culture. I was raised as a Christian gender complementarian, though I later rejected this teaching in adulthood. I realized that the Bible does not teach it.

Despite the fact that Gender Complementarians (Christians who believe that the Bible teaches strict gender roles for men and women, and they sometimes use the label ‘biblical manhood and womanhood’) will sometimes state in their literature that they do not believe that all women must or should marry, have children, and be “stay at home mothers” who bake cookies all day, they actually do quite strongly teach this, and it’s always implied.

Christian gender complementarians frequently publish articles to women in their blogs and books that tell women how to be good wives and mothers – which sometimes include tips on how to look pretty for one’s husband, recipes for casseroles, and so on.

See for example(Link): this post of mine for more on that.


By the way, there is one conservative guy I follow on Twitter who regularly mocks secular feminists for disputing traditional gender roles. (I also sometimes see one or two well known Christian or politically conservative women on Twitter who also quibble with secular feminists about this.)

While I happen to be right wing myself (I’m a conservative too, and do not always agree with feminists), I do think secular feminists are partially correct on some of these points involving gender roles.

I am conservative and heterosexual, but I for one do not neatly fit the “traditional gender role” views as put forth by evangelical Christians and social conservatives, which is one reason of several I am considering leaving the Christian faith, or keeping a very basic belief in Christ but jettisoning the rest of it.

Regarding this right wing guy I follow on Twitter who consistently mocks feminists who dispute gender roles:

It’s beyond me why a guy who has traditional values (concerning his religious views and spirituality, I’m not sure if he’s a Christian, atheist, or what) would mock folks who object to traditional gender roles, since stubbornly sticking to them is causing so many conservative women (and maybe some men) to leave the Republican Party and/or to leave social conservativism and/or the Christian faith.

Traditional gender roles force people into boxes that they do not fit in and do not want to live in, which can create problems for them.

I was feminine enough growing up and as an adult, but was not an “uber girly girl” that Christians told me that I ‘should’ be.

Never mind that the Bible does not explicitly spell out what “being a woman” is “supposed” to look like in American culture in the 20th or 21st centuries.

I was taught by my mother, by Christian (and secular) material I read or saw on TV, that because I was a girl, I was supposed to be maternal, I was supposed to want to have babies some day, that I should always want to wear frilly, pink, flowered covered clothing.

The fact is, I never cared for any of those things.

I’ve often found babies annoying and never really cared if I had one myself or not. If other people want to have children, good on them, but it’s something that was not terribly appealing to me personally.

Conversely, I was also taught by parents, culture, and church, that because I was a girl, I was NOT supposed to wear jeans, sneakers, nor was I supposed to want to do things like run, climb trees, watch Bat Man reruns on TV, be a Ghost Rider comic fan, nor was I supposed to enjoy any of those things.

But I was in fact, as a kid, a Bat Man and Ghost Rider fan, liked to watch Bat Man on tv, wear jeans and sneakers and climb trees. That’s who I was, and I got really tired of being shamed or criticized for it.

In adulthood, I see fellow conservatives shaming other adults for not playing out these traditional gender roles – or for merely questioning them to start with – and I do not comprehend this.

If you are a conservative, I would think you would be supportive of people’s freedom to choose.

If a man wants to dance in the ballet, or write sensitive poetry, rather than become a quarterback for the NFL, rather than mock him, why wouldn’t you just respect the fact that he’s an adult who wants to chose for himself what he wants to do with his life?

I sometimes see news stories of liberal, Democrat mayors who try to make laws that prevent adults from choosing to drink soda because they think soda is not healthy. Isn’t that a form of “nanny stating?”

How is a liberal wanting to prevent adults from drinking Coke or Pepsi any different than Republicans and social conservatives wanting to shame adults from pursuing non-gender-stereotypical hobbies?

Jesus Christ did not fit today’s American, evangelical, social conservative, Christian traditional gender roles, either. I say this because Jesus Christ was, by the time he was 33 years old, childless, single, and a virgin, and he sometimes showed compassion, mercy, and tenderness to people, and it is recorded in the Gospels that he even cried once or twice.

All of those are traits – being an adult virgin, single, a man showing a tender side, and so forth –  are insulted or discouraged by today’s conservative Christians, and in particular, the gender complementarians (and even more so by the ones who are constantly fretting about or lambasting homosexuals and liberals).

Contemporary Christian preachers (see guys like Mark Driscoll) often scream to young men from the pulpit to “man up” and marry and pro-create, while they scream at women that their only godly role in life is to marry and pop out a kid and to “graciously submit” to a husband.

As such, Jesus himself would have been ridiculed and shamed in such a marriage- and- natalistic- obsessed religious culture.

I’m not a supporter of homosexual behavior, homosexuals harassing Christians into baking wedding cakes for homosexual marriages, or of transgender bathroom bills, or of people born biologically male dressing like women and so forth.

However, I also cannot fully buy into the conservative stance regarding “traditional” gender roles. I think both sides of the debate about gender roles and sexuality get things incorrect.


  •  I’m not opposed to women wanting to be SAHMs (Stay At Home Mothers) or baking cookies.
  •  If you are a woman, who, of your own free accord, chooses to marry and pop out a kid and live a June Cleaver, 1950s housewife lifestyle, I have no quibble with you.
  • I am not a supporter of liberal, left wing feminists who often disdain SAHMism.
  • Realize that I am only objecting to extreme religious groups, whether Christian, Mormon, or Islam, or what have you, that limit a woman to ONLY being a wife and mother, and who teach that it is wrong or sin for a woman to be single or childless or to pursue a career.

At any rate, as I have written of before on this blog, I have come across similar content by Christians as this ISIS cook book. There are times when Christians sound a lot like fanatical Muslims.

In years past, in the 1990s, I had a Baptist church send me a flier in the mail with a panel telling housewives to look pretty for their husbands, and it even came complete with a 1950s looking clip art picture of a woman wearing a pearl necklace (see this post for more about that).

I’ve also been to Christian gender complementarian blogs whose writers tell women to bake cookies for their families and to pursue other typical, 1950s housewife actions, where they provide articles reassuring married mothers that their constant house wife duties of ironing clothing for their family glorifies God (see other links on this blog for examples).

My point is, Christians just ASSUME that all women are SAHMS – married, stay at home mothers. Christians just ASSUME all women WANT to be a SAHM.

I seldom see Christians (and Non-Christian Republicans or right wingers) recognize that there are Christian, conservative women who are single and childless past the age of 30, 40, or older.

You rarely see these gender complementarian groups discussing single, childless women, they seldom publish books or blog pages about never married, widowed, or divorced women. Most everything they write or talk about remains fixated on MOTHERHOOD and MARRIAGE.


It’s also annoying to me how many right wingers assume that the only types of women who disagree with traditional gender roles are left wing, Democrat-voting, bra burning feminists.

There are conservative, Republican voting, pro-life women, such as myself, who also take issue with some aspects of “traditional gender roles.”

It’s not just left wing, Democrat, secular feminists who see the problems inherent with gender roles and in cramming them down people’s throats.

And it looks to me like these fanatical Muslim groups advocate for the same kind of tradtional, SAHM roles for women that American, conservative Christians do.

(Link):  Hungry ISIS [Muslim group] fighters just want their wives to cook pancakes


  • The IS agency for women, has launched a ‘cookbook’, explaining how to keep jihadists happy and fulfilled by making pancakes after a day of fighting.
  • The agency known as Al-Zawra that “prepares sisters for the battlefield for jihadists” has been dubbed a “finishing school” for young women hoping to wed militants.
  • In a step-by-step guide, published by Al-Zawra, the recipe calls for one egg, four tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of oil, 4 tablespoons of salt, one cup of milk and one cup of flour.
  • This follows the first recipe released earlier in November, “balls of date mush”.
  • In an effort to recruit and train female jihadi’s, the institution offers classes in everything from sewing to weapons training.In their mission statement they explain the school is for women “interested in explosive belt and suicide bombing more than a white dress or a castle or clothing or furniture.” To prepare women for their roles in day-today jihadist life, al-Zawra offers classes in five areas, including domestic work such as sewing and cooking, medical first aid, Islam and Sharia law, weaponry, The campaign has proved somewhat successful.



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