Man Who Worked as Preacher Allegedly Drowned His Pregnant Wife To Be With His Mistress

Man Who Worked as Preacher Allegedly Drowned His Pregnant Wife To Be With His Mistress

Contrary to the usual Christian claim, marriage does not sanctify people. I have many more examples on this blog – go visit the “Marriage Does Not Make People Godly” thread under the “One Stop Threads” tab at the top of this blog for more.

Also, as Christian men – like this man who worked as a pastor – are not necessarily more trustworthy than Non Christian men, there is no need for Christian single women to marry only Christian men (“equally yoked”).

In addition, this story betrays the usual conservative Christian narrative that getting married and becoming a father makes a man more mature, loving, and godly – this man who killed his wife did so while she was PREGNANT. If fatherhood magically made a man more sensitive, mature, and loving, would this jerk have drowned his pregnant wife in the tub?

(Link):  Crown argues ex-pastor Philip Grandine drowned his pregnant wife


Disguised in a banana smoothie was a sedative — not enough for an overdose, but enough to make Anna Karissa Grandine drowsy and confused, the Crown told the jury in closing arguments on the final day of the first-degree murder trial.

That’s when Philip Grandine carried or coaxed his 20-weeks pregnant wife, to the bathtub, Crown prosecutor Donna Kellway said.

The former pastor and retirement home nurse may have gently held her head under the water until she drowned, or let gravity pull her non-resistant body below the surface, Kellway said.

Either way her death on Oct. 17, 2011 “was no accident and no suicide.”Grandine, she said, acted with “intent to kill” the 29-year-old woman who stood in the way of him being with his mistress.The defence has argued that Karissa, as she was known, took the sedatives herself, defence has argued amid a depression caused by husband’s ongoing affair with a woman who was a member of his parish. Grandine had recently resigned as a pastor because of the affair.
— end excerpts —

Grandine, who sat behind his lawyer and kept his gaze focused on Kellway, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

Marriage and parenthood do not make people more mature, godly, loving, or ethical!

Married parents can be complete deviants. There’s nothing about having a spouse or child that automatically makes a person behave in a more moral fashion than someone who is single and childless.


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