Marketing Companies Offering ‘Sexy Jesus’ Calendar, Selfies With Jesus

Marketing Companies Offering ‘Sexy Jesus’ Calendar, Selfies With Jesus

Do you know what I think is weird? People so obsessed with sex, they sexualize anything and everything. But these people – and a lot of others – would find me weird, because I’m still a virgin past the age of 40 – and yes, I had opportunities to have sex, including with a fiance’ but I said “no” to that. I find the refusal to be sexually self controlled weird, and things like this…

By the way, this web page has samples from the calendar, if you want to see what this company’s idea of a “sexy Jesus” looks like.

(Link): Marketing Companies Offering ‘Sexy Jesus’ Calendar, Selfies With Jesus

Two London ad agencies may just be crossing the line by using Jesus Christ as a marketing ploy.

 In what is sure to be a controversial move, Anomaly London is offering a “Sexy Jesus” (link):  calendar. The calendar features 13 images – one on the cover and one for each month – of a bare-chested, buff model with a beard and flowing hair.

Although most of the images show Jesus in various provocative poses and wearing in a robe or cloth slung low on his waist, there are also images of Christ dressed as a fireman and lifeguard. All of the pictures feature “cheeky” captions, such as the one below.

he Inquisitr recently reported the (Link): backlash from Christians to a Family Guy episode’s depiction of Jesus tying to lose his virginity, but some may find this calendar even more offensive. The calendar was just posted for sale on the web earlier this week, and so far there have been no negative reactions to it, but it remains to be seen what will happen when people find out it is available.

 According to the (Link): Independent, Mother flew Kevin Lee Light, a Jesus impersonator who walks the streets of L.A., to London as a “Christmas stunt.” The agency then sent out a video and (Link): press release announcing they had acquired Jesus Christ as a client.“MOTHER SIGNS CULT CHRISTMAS FIGURE, JESUS AS CLIENT”

“Jesus has flown in this week from his home in Los Angeles, where he is a cult figure and celebrity. He has been a regular feature on TMZ for the last five years and a chance encounter with him inspired Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler to write the song Street Jesus. Snoop Dogg is also a massive fan.”

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