Please Shut Up About Family and Christmas – by Laura (some people are alone at the holidays; they are not married, have no kids)

Please Shut Up About Family and Christmas – by Laura

(Link): Please Shut Up About Family and Christmas – by Laura

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by Laura

This season I’ve heard an excessive emphasis, in various Christian circles, on spending time with family at Christmas. We should all be with family on Christmas – period. That is what it is all about! Much of this has come across (to me at least) as potentially alienating or could actually make some people feel lonely, isolated, or guilty. The church unfortunately seems to excel at alienating people. I wish it would stop. Could we stop assuming everyone fits in the same little box or life situation?

What do I mean exactly? Of course, I am not opposed to spending time with family at Christmas! It certainly is a time to connect with loved ones. But is it necessary to word it in such a way that implies everyone must be exclusively with family? We should encourage people to look around themselves, and include others who might not have anyone to be with on Christmas.

This is not the time to be cliquey and focus inward on our little family. Look outward. Who out there might appreciate being included? Who can you welcome to the table?

Isn’t that an important part of the Christmas message? Jesus came to bring salvation to all people – to expand the faith to include “gentiles” or those of all nationalities or cultures.

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2 thoughts on “Please Shut Up About Family and Christmas – by Laura (some people are alone at the holidays; they are not married, have no kids)”

  1. I also believe that the 1st century church met in peoples homes, and they were made up of all kinds of people,singles, married, with children and with no children. In fact, when John was on
    the isle of Patmos, I don’t think he was married at the time. He may have been married when he was younger, but the Bible is silent on this. I do know that when Jesus was on the cross, John took Jesus’ mother Mary in his home to take care of her. I realize that my comments do not relate to this post, about being alone for the holidays. I have spent some holidays alone, especially when I was in college. Now, I usually spend the holidays with my sister.

  2. Hi from Sharon. I am glad that I do not attend a traditional church. I mainly worship at home using the internet and listening to selected sermons. I also found a great site for people who have left the institutional church, but are still Christians. it is called “The School of Christ”. It is run by a man named Chip Brodgen. Mr Brodgen is married with kids, but even he had some problems with the traditional church. I think he used to pastor and Assembly of God church, but left over 10 years ago. He and his family mainly worships through online webinars and occasional home church meetings. He says that the brick and mortar church does not practice true biblical Christianity, but “churchianity”. He says that many of these churches have a spirit of religion and not a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    There is so much hypocrisy, apostasy and false teaching in many traditional churches today. Many people who regularly attend these churches may not even be born again. I think that this is why there is so much sex sin and scandal in these churches.

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