Regnerus’ Misplaced Blame – Blame the Wimmins! Common male refrain, even from Christian men

Regnerus’ Misplaced Blame – Blame the Wimmins! Common male refrain, even from Christian men

In light of this recent information, which says that male usage of porn may be what is leading to declining marriage rates, I’d like to say that Christian sociologist Mark Regnerus’ post from a month or two is flawed in yet another way.

Here is part 1 of my criticisms of Regnerus’ opinion, if you need or want some background on this current post:

Here is the recent study I posted about a few moments ago:

Regnerus surmises that part of the reason for faltering marriage rates is that lots and lots of un-married Christian women refuse to marry male Christian porn users or porn addicts.

That may be true in some cases. I know if I discovered a man I was dating was a porn user, I’d likely break up with him.

That is my prerogative. I’m an adult, I get to make choices I want for me and my life. And screw Christians who try to guilt trip or shame women like me out of those choices, all to “save” marriage by telling us we ought to marry porn users.

Regnerus’ blame is misplaced, if the recent study on men and porn habits is true.

Regnerus is apparently assuming that single, Christian women are getting approached by single, Christian men for dates or marriage proposals regularly, and that the women are turning these men down because these men are porn users.

The fact is, though, a lot of single, Christian women cannot even get to “first base.” Single, Christian women cannot even meet single men in their age bracket.

When such ladies walk into evangelical or Baptist churches, all the men who are present are either far too old (76 year old widowers) or are 47 year old married men.

So, if you are a single, Christian woman aged 25 to say 55, there are no (Christian) men available for you to marry.

The men who identify as Christian on dating sites, my experience has been, are dirt bags, or too old (there is a lack of single men ages 35 – 49 on dating sites).

Single, Christian men have profane, vulgar jokes in their profiles, or state up front that they like sex, want sex, and enjoy sex. The instant, upfront sex talk is off putting to women and is a red flag that the guy is a user and a creep.

Would Mark Regnerus, if he had a daughter my age, really advise her to date such low brow, smarmy, perverts? Would he really advise his single, Christian sister – his literal sister, I do not mean “sister” in a spiritual sense – to marry a pervert? My hunch is he would not, but he writes articles that appear in Christianity Today and other sites telling other single Christian women to marry perverts.

Here’s the thing.

Based on the recent study, it’s not that porn is causing women in droves to say “Ew, no, I won’t marry this guy because he’s a porno fiend” but that the men in the study are spending so much time fapping off to porn, they are not joining dating sites, they are not visiting local pubs, bars, and nightclubs, and not pursuing relationships with real life, flesh and blood women.

That is, these Porno Guy Perverts are not even leaving the house.

Porno Guy Perverts are staying inside all day, watching porn on their DVDs, DVRs, Net Flix, or the internet.

They are not even putting themselves in a position to be rejected by real life women who find out they are Porn Wankers because they are not leaving the house and meeting real life women.

They are not even joining dating sites, apparently.

So. Mark Regnerus and idiot Christian men like him can take their “Blame Women For Everything” views and cram them up their behinds.

This got started in the Garden; see this excerpt from the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible:

  •  11 And He [God] said [to Adam], “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?”
  •  12 The man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.”
  • (Source:  Genesis 3:11-12)

Yep, since the beginning many male believers have been BLAMING WOMEN for their own (men’s) mistakes, flaws, and sins, and American Christian men today continue the same trend on their whiny, bitter blogs, books, pod casts, or magazine articles.

Here is the usual SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of Christian and Non-Christian men:

-If you are a man and cannot get dates, it must be the fault of the wimmins, especially those nasty, wasty secular feminist wimmins!

-If men are looking at porn and wimmins don’t want to date the perverts for their perversion, blame the wimmins!

-When single women past 35 can’t get a spouse, assume they had a slew of suitors when they were 25 years old but blew them all off because they are too picky and demanding (even though this was not the case for most single women) – blame the wimmins!

Anyway. If the study is right, Porn Addicted Men are not leaving their houses but spending all day huddled up in front of porn sites. They are not even meeting women in real life. Women don’t even have an opportunity to find out these losers are porno users and reject them.



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