Mother Tortures and Strangles Her Infant Twins to Death

Mother Tortures and Strangles Her Infant Twins to Death

Christians insist that marriage and/or parenthood are necessary to make a person mature, godly, loving and responsible, which is a big lie, because a lot of married parents rape and murder people, here is another example.

(Link): Kayla Edwards Arrested As Chilling Details Emerge: Infant Twins Tortured, One Dead


  • During initial interviews, Brandon Edwards denied seeing anything that may have happened to his deceased infant son. But, according to KTVQ, Edwards finally broke down sobbing, admitting to police that he had heard his wife Kayla yell “Shut up!” at the infant, followed by Kayla striking the baby in the back of the head and then choking him with her hands.
  • It was then that the infant boy stopped breathing, Brandon Edwards told police.
  • But the horror of Edwards’ confession didn’t stop there. He also admitted to the police that both he and his wife Kayla had choked both of the twins by squeezing their throats in the past. Edwards also admitted to investigators that he and his wife had tortured their twin babies by strapping them in their car seats and then turning the car seats upside down.
  • When investigators confronted Kayla Edwards with these allegations, it was then that she admitted that she had strangled her infant son to stop him from crying, and then admitted to additionally striking the infant in the head “really hard.” The blow to the baby’s head was severe enough to cause the brain bleed that killed him.