Newlywed Hates His Wife (Ask Amy Letter)

Newlywed Hates His Wife (Ask Amy Letter)

There are times I am glad I never married. This is one of those times.

Also, after reading this, I can’t but help wonder how old this guy is. He sounds like he has the maturity of a 12 year old.

Letter to Ask Amy, January 2015,

  • I’ve been married for two weeks and frankly I hate my wife. She is completely lazy and pays absolutely no attention to me. She was so nice when we were dating, but it was probably all just for show.
  • I come from a “richer type of family” and she comes from a “moderate to low-income family.” I feel kind of bad for her, but she is so pestering and obnoxious and she probably just married me for my money.
  • I can’t divorce her because we have a legal document stating that I must give her $70,000 if we separate or divorce, and I’m not that rich. When I signed the document, I figured that by the time we did divorce, if we divorced, I would have that type of money (from growing investments).
  • My parents are completely NOT on my side.
  • They keep telling me that it’s my fault (which I agree to some extent) and refuse to get involved.
  • — Bad Choice Maker



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