Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe by her Family for FIVE YEARS

Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe by her Family for FIVE YEARS

Blogger John Hugh Morgan would argue that this woman in this story is “married” to her family member, because her family member had sex with her (raped her) when she was three years old.

Yes he would, say this ((Link): my rebuttal to his post).

On his blog, see (Link): this post or (Link): this one (where he mentions people taking each other for a test drive, which I already discussed on my blog (Link): here – seriously, since this dude claims that me or my blog is not trustworthy, he needs to stop cribbing material from it, or at least give credit if or when he uses ideas from here).

Many conservative Christians like to go on and on about how “family is THE building block of society,” which I say is a load of bunk.

The Bible doesn’t say anything about salvation coming by being in a nuclear family. You need Jesus for salvation. The Bible also does not talk about saving a culture by supporting the nuclear family. I have other posts on this blog that discuss this topic in depth, so I won’t get into it now.

This woman was abused in childhood by her family and only found freedom and peace when she LEFT her family:

(Link):  Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe for FIVE YEARS: Horrifying ordeal of the starving girl rescued from monster family… and how she’s rebuilt her life at 21

  • Lauren Kavanaugh lived in a 4ft by 9ft closet from three to eight years old
  • She was only brought out by her mother and stepfather to be tortured
  • She was rescued aged eight after a neighbour contacted the police
  • Lauren, now 21, is studying psychology wants to qualify as a counsellor


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