Church Videographer Who Sounded Very Christian in His Social Media Accounts Accused of Molesting Girls

Church Videographer Who Sounded Very Christian in His Social Media Accounts Accused of Molesting Girls

As I’ve said many times, Christian single women need to abandon the “be equally yoked” teaching, which limits them to only dating men who appear to be Christian. First of all, there is a shortage of Christian single adult males.

Secondly, even the Bible quoting, church going variety of Christian men turn out to be child rapists. See the story below.

This particular pervert, as one site noted, even peppered his social media accounts with Bible quotations and so on. Also note that in some of his Tweets, he mentions believing in “Family Values.”

Blogger John Morgan would argue that the two little girls in this story below are now “married” to this pervert, all because they had sexual contact. See (Link): this post for more on that.

(Link): Videographer admits to molesting girls at South Carolina church, police say

(Link): Church videographer accused of molesting girls

(Link): SC church worker accused of molesting young girls

(Link): Church videographer accused of molesting young girls

GREENVILLE, S.C. —A church videographer repeatedly molested two young girls in the audio-visual room at their church and admitted it to church leaders, according to Greenville police.

The molestation, alleged to have happened at Greenville Presbyterian Church on Pendleton Street, was reported to police on Jan. 1.

The girls, ages 4 and 6, said they were repeatedly molested by church videographer, 23-year-old Gilbert Broyles, in November and December.Arrest warrants say Broyles admitted to church leaders that he either touched the girls underneath their clothing or got them remove items of clothing and touched them in “their private areas.”Police said they interviewed Broyles, and after he admitted his involvement with the girls, he was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

(Link): Gilbert Broyles Accused Of Molesting Two Little Girls In Church Where He Worked

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… Not surprisingly, Broyles filled his Facebook and Twitter account full of Christian related postings. A lot of these included sanctimonious Bible scripture like these:

hat tip to Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook group which is where I first saw this story

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3 thoughts on “Church Videographer Who Sounded Very Christian in His Social Media Accounts Accused of Molesting Girls”

  1. Thanks again. You are right as usual. Too few seem to be actually living out their faith. Your Ex sounds almost EXACTLY like my Ex, so much so that it is scary. You right again about too many churches accommodating sicko behavior. Usually while they do nothing to help older singles, too. Well, Thanks again for all that you do, and thanks for your reply.

  2. Another sociopath using ” Chritianity’ as a cover. Just like Christian Pundit’s Ex and my Ex too. Today is one of those days I am glad that I am not married also. Thanks again, CP.

    1. I do think there is a small percentage (in my experience) of people who really do try to follow the teachings of Jesus, but the older I get, it seems that the majority of people who profess Christ don’t even try to follow his teachings.

      My mother was a Christian and tried to live the faith out, so she is one sincere believer I know of.

      While I was 100% Christian, I sincerely tried living it out to the best of my ability. So I do think there are SOME “true” Christians out there, but not many.

      And yes, my ex claimed to be a Christian.

      I don’t think I mentioned that fact in previous posts. I should maybe edit one of the lasts posts I did that mentioned him to put that information in there.

      He did claim to believe in Jesus – and I think he meant it, I do think he thinks he’s a Christian – but his behavior was at odds with Jesus, in that, my ex was VERY self absorbed.

      I did most of the “giving” in that relationship, which was fine with him… he did little giving, mostly taking.

      Oh, another bad thing about stories like this, about these church pukes who fondle children?

      You will have sincere Christians who let these types of sickos off easy by saying, “who are we to judge, we’re all sinners” or “he deserves grace too,” etc. They are too accommodating of people who prey on others.

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