Life in prison for Satanist who dismembered and ate mother-of-three after taking her back to his house for sex – The Flip Side to Be Equally Yoked

Life in prison for Tennessee satanist who dismembered and ate mother-of-three after taking her back to his house for sex

(Link): Life in prison for Tennessee Satanist who dismembered and ate mother-of-three after taking her back to his house for sex

For all my pontificating on this blog about how stupid, unnecessary, possibly dangerous and limiting the “Be Equally Yoked” teaching is for and among single Christians, I do NOT mean to otherwise imply that any and every NON-Christian man is a safe bet for dating, companionship, or marriage.

If you are a single Christian woman, you need to be careful about the men you associate with regardless of that man’s religious beliefs.

There is no “safe bet.”

You must judge a man based on his history, his character, and how he treats you, not by if you met him in church, what God he claims to follow, what denomination he belongs to, or what theology he claims -or doesn’t claim, as is the case with atheists.

Just as men who are Christians are capable of financially exploiting you, raping you, or killing you (see examples (Link): here), so too are some Non-Christian men, see the example in this post of the Satanist who killed a woman and ate part of her dead body.

Part of the reason I hammer on the “Equally Yoked” teaching so much is I’m afraid a lot of Christian women are either naive, or coached and conditioned to be naive, by Christian teaching concerning dating, marriage, and many other issues.

Christian women are not taught to look for red flags or issues, certainly not in men who profess Christ.

That is to say, many single, evangelical and Baptist Christian women are told from their their girlhoods onwards that if they are true, sweet, faithful Christian women, God will send them a nice, sweet Christian boy to marry eventually. So, the first Christian guy who enters their life, they might wonder, “Is that the man God sent me, that God intends for me to marry.”

Unfortunately, that does not happen. Either such women never marry, or God allows them to marry a dud, a loser, a creep.

Also, the older I get, it looks to me that the God of the Bible is a total deist when it comes to romance. God apparently steps aside and refuses to get involved with if you marry, when you marry, and who you marry – even if you pray your little heart out and BEG God to send you someone, or to tell if you the current louse you are dating now is “the one.”. It looks to me as though marriage is entirely a human endeavor, and God, if he exists, leaves the choices up to you.

A lot of men pray, talk about their love of Jesus, attend church weekly, and read a Bible, but they also rape women or beat them up.

I’m afraid a lot of Christian women reading this post would look at the news story about the murderous Satanist I have included and think, “Well, that won’t never happen to me, because I’m gonna marry me a nice Christian man, and he would never hurt me. I have faith God will send me the right man!”

Think again, sister.

A lot of your fellow female Christians think the same way, yet still end up marrying (or dating) Christian men who are mentally disturbed, violent, selfish, physically abusive, or mentally abusive, or who are rapists or pedophiles.

There are blogs out there by divorced Christian women who discuss why and how they ended up having to divorce their abusive S.O.B. Christian husband, and how their churches did NOT help them leave the S.O.B. (And those women were praying to and trusting in God to send them the right Christian man, but the man they got was an abusive jerk hole for a spouse.)

I have numerous examples on my blog of Christian men who rape kids, have affairs, use porn, beat up their wives, etc.

You are living in a fantasy if you think you are excluded from ending up with a Christian abuser, just because you have faith, read your Bible weekly, or love Jesus, or however you qualify this in your mind.

Just as some Christian men are violent wack jobs, so too are some Non-Christian men, such as this Satanist I am discussing in this post.

Ergo, my position is not that singles should have this attitude of “Well, if you think all Christian men are unsafe, I’ll just stick to dating Muslims / Satanists / Jews / Buddhists!!”

Sorry, but avoiding Christian rapists, Christian abusers, and Christian perverts does not guarantee you won’t end up with a Satanist freak, Satanist pervert, Atheist sexist scum, or a Buddhist child rapist.

Perverts, killers, and weirdos come in all flavors and varieties.

(Link): Life in prison for Tennessee satanist who dismembered and ate mother-of-three after taking her back to his house for sex



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