China’s Brutal One-Child Policy Ruins Men’s Marriage Prospects, Resulting in Human Trafficking

China’s Brutal One-Child Policy Ruins Men’s Marriage Prospects, Resulting in Human Trafficking

(Link): China’s Brutal One-Child Policy Ruins Men’s Marriage Prospects, Resulting in Human Trafficking

by SARAH ZAGORSKI   JAN 23, 2015   |   10:29AM

(Link): According to the Chronicle Independent, China’s brutal one-child policy is ruining young men’s marriage prospects.

This isn’t surprising considering that (Link): 400 million children have been aborted since the policy took effect 34 years ago.

In 2013, Adam Minter, a writer for (Link): Bloomberg View, said that the Chinese government reported that 117.6 boys were born for every 100 girls.

The normal ratio is 103 to 106 boys per 100 girls.

Kinter writes, “In China, daughters are expected to marry up — and in a country where men far outnumber women, the opportunities to do so are excellent, especially in the cities to which so many of China’s rural women move.

The result is that bride prices — essentially dowries paid to the families of daughters — are rising, especially in the countryside. One 2011 study on bride prices found that they’d increased 70-fold between the 1960s and 1990s in just one representative, rural hamlet.”

…Valerie Hudson, a professor at Texas A&M and Andrea den Boer, a lecturer at the University of Kent in the U.K., also explained how the one-child policy is affecting society.

…In the case of China, the fact that a sizeable percentage of young adult males will not be making that transition will have negative social repercussions, including increased crime, violent crime, crimes against women, vice, substance abuse and the formation of gangs that are involved in all of these antisocial behaviors.”

…. Additionally, (Link): as LifeNews previously reported, China accounts for 60% of the world’s sex trafficking.

Statistics show that in Asian American populations, if a family’s first child is a girl, the gender imbalance ratio is the same for the second child as it is for the first child in China. In the end, the only reason baby girls are not allowed to be born is because they are girls.

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