Twenty Year Old Mother Admits to Boyfriend She’s Been Having Sex With Family Dogs Since She Was 13 Years Old

I do not go looking for these stories. This one turned up on one of my social networks, someone else linked to it.

Once more: most conservative Christians – your evangelicals, Baptists, fundamentalists, and your Reformed – hold nauseating, UNBIBLICAL views about sex, dating, and marriage. They wrongly teach that marriage, sex, and parenthood are the only real measures of maturity or godliness. The fact is, a lot of married parents are immature, un-godly, and irresponsible. Here is another example.

This woman is a MOTHER. She has a kid.

(Link): Brittany Sonnier Accused Of Engaging In Illicit Acts With Family Dogs

The police report further alleges that Sonnier told her boyfriend that she has had “vaginal and oral sex with the dogs” and has trained the animals so they “don’t act strange” around other people.

…Sonnier’s ex told police he first approached her father and informed him of her alleged bizarre sexual preferences. Sonnier’s dad, according to the police report, allegedly told him that his daughter had in the past admitted to him that “she has been having sex with the family dogs.” Her dad also allegedly said he is in the process of trying to gain custody of his grandson.

(Link):  Mother, 20, ‘told boyfriend she has been having sex with her dogs since she was 13 and often fantasizes about incest’



A 20-year-old mother was arrested after she confessed to her boyfriend she enjoyed – and had been engaging in – sex with her dogs since she was 13-years-old and often fantasized about incest.

Brittany Angelique Sonnier, 20, is accused of committing ‘vaginal and oral sex with two canines’ in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and has been charged with two counts of crimes against nature.

She had originally been charged with bestiality.

The police were alerted to the alleged animal sex by Sonnier’s boyfriend, who has not been named.

He said he was worried about her 11-month-old son, feared she may be addicted to sex and need help and believed she turned to animal sex at 13 because she could not get a partner at that age.

According to the police report, the man had been in a six-month relationship with Sonnier, who he thought was a ‘nice, sweet and innocent girl’, and thought everything was going really well.

During the summer, problems started to arise and their sex life started to suffer, he said. It was during this time she came home from work one day and told him they needed to ‘talk’.

‘They sat down and Brittany used his phone to look some things up,’ the police report states. ‘He expected Brittany to ask if they could have a threesome or if he wanted to be a swinging couple. He would have been fine with either of those things – he is very open.

‘Instead, Brittany started to show him pictures of people having sex with animals. She told him that she was interested and into having sex with dogs. She went on to tell him that she has been having sex with their family dogs since she was 13 years old.’

He told police that she claimed to have both ‘vaginal and oral sex’ with the dogs. He did not know what type but called them ‘medium sized’ and said one was 13-years-old and the other just a couple of years old.

Speaking about her interest in incest, she showed him images on her phone of family cartoon characters having sex.

The ex-boyfriend told police he was ‘disturbed and freaked out’ and said he told Sonnier ‘she was disgusting.’ The two broke up shortly after, according to the Huffington Post.

Before calling police, he thought he would broach it with the girl’s father who revealed he knew about the dog sex and said he was trying to gain custody of her 11-month-old son because he felt his daughter was not a good parent.

The boyfriend also revealed the 20-year-old may be pregnant with his child as she had stopped taking her birth control pills and had displayed signs of being pregnant, though she refused to take the test.

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