Virginity For Sale: Carnation Mother Tried To Sell Her Teen Daughter’s Virtue To Her New Trucker Boyfriend For $400

There are so many news stories like this I have a hard time posting them all to my blog. I often skip several of them over.

Again, this is evidence that being a parent does NOT necessarily make a person more mature, godly, or responsible. Christians often teach that a person has to marry and have children to become mature and godly, and they depict childless, single adults as being immature, unethical, or irresponsible losers.

(Link): Mother Tried to Sell Her Daughter’s Virginity for $400

  • The Washington State Patrol said on Saturday that a 38-year-old truck driver was arrested in Oklahoma on Friday night as part of an investigation into a Seattle-area woman’s attempt to sell her 14-year-old daughter’s virginity to make rent money.
  • (Link): According to Seattle’s Fox Channel 13, 46-year-old Mary Miles of Carnation, Washington was arrested on Jan. 27 and charged on Jan. 30 for setting up a plan for her daughter to have sex with a 36-year-old Miami, Oklahoma truck-driver who (Link): KOMO news identified as Bryan T. Murphy.

  • A court document filed by the Washington State Patrol said that Miles “made arrangements to allow her boyfriend, a trucker she had met online, to have sex with her 14-year-old daughter…in exchange for the boyfriend assisting the defendant with rent money.”
  • ..KOMO reported that Murphy had agreed to marry Miles once he had taken her younger daughter’s virginity. Text messages between the two contained lurid details.“Ok you can have (the 14-year old),” wrote Miles.

    Murphy responded that he had purchased a ring for Miles and that he would marry her “the day after I pop (the 14-year-old girl’s) cherry.”

  • Miles reportedly admitted under questioning that the agreed-upon price for sex with the younger girl was $400.

    Both girls have been removed from their mother’s custody.

That perverted a-hole had no intention of marrying that adult bitch. If she had let him rape her 14 YO kid, that guy would’ve not kept his agreement….

But why the Hell would you want to marry a guy who was okay with doing a kid, especially your own kid? He’s a pervert. And the mommy is naive as hell for thinking he would keep the agreement to marry her. What an idiot.

(Link): Seattle mom arrested for selling 14-year-old daughter’s virginity

(Link): Virginity For Sale: Carnation Mom Tried To Sell Teen Daughter’s Virtue For $400

  • A Carnation mom tried to sell her 14-year-old daughter’s virginity for $400, leading to the arrest of the woman and her boyfriend. The moment things went wrong for them was when the boyfriend, 38-year-old Bryan Murphy, was already having sex with the woman and attempted to bring her daughter into it.
  •  The daughter, who remains nameless for the sake of privacy due to her age, ran from the scene and called her sister to pick her up.
  • Mary Miles, 46, had allegedly met Bryan Murphy online and invited the King County, Washington, resident to Oklahoma. The agreement was that he would pay half of the month’s rent and agree to marry her if she would let him have sex with her daughter. Initially, he was interested in both of them, but Carnation mom Mary Miles agreed to let him take his choice because the 14-year-old was still a virgin.
  • On January 26, the two met at Ken’s Truck Town off Interstate 90, and Mary had brought her daughter with her. The three of them entered his truck, where he allegedly began having sex with the mother. This was when Bryan allegedly grabbed the daughter’s leg, and she freaked out, according to the Seattle Times, and exited the truck.

    The daughter walked miles to a middle school and called her sister. When they met, she told her sister what happened and they called the police as well as a family friend.



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