Lusting Out Loud: Women, Social Media, And Desire

Lusting Out Loud: Women, Social Media, And Desire

Conservative Christians seldom acknowledge that women have sex drives. Well, except for single women – they often teach that single women are horny sluts who try to sleep with married men (which is not true).

But beyond that, conservative Christians live in a universe where women are supposedly only interested in emotional intimacy and getting pedicures. In their universe, only men want sex and are “visually wired.”

So, anytime I find an article that mentions that women are visually stimulated or interested in sex, I try to post about it. Here’s another.

(Link): Lusting Out Loud: Women, Social Media, And Desire


  • And that sharing behaviour is true of almost all the things I post, except for one category. There is a peculiar response when I post a particular kind of image: that of a handsome/attractive man, perhaps in some state of undress, or doing something which, while entirely Safe For Work, is unspeakably sexy, or erotic even.
  • Like the GIF of a young Marlon Brando I posted once, or Mark Ruffalo shirtless, or Harrison Ford in a natty suit back in 1980.
  • The straight women of my timeline (and beyond) may retweet these images a few times, but they will also favourite the shit out of it.
  • For all the RTs these images inspire (and the talkback: “Christ!” and “what even?!” are popular responses), the favourite rate is a different story altogether. It’s curious, almost coy.
  • …. I think the third conclusion is the one that makes me happiest of all.Because when my interactions tab goes crazy with new favourites, I am looking at tiny pieces of desire, expressed. Women’s desire – so often considered non-existent, quiet, more civilised, so complicated as to be almost sentiently cunning, etc – sitting calmly and matter-of-factly in my inbox, chillin’. Women essentially saying, “Oh. That’s nice. I want it” or, slightly more coarsely: “I’d ruin that.”

In essence, the woman who wrote that article says she notices that whenever she post photos of sexy, shirtless men on her Twitter, those are the items that get the most “favorites” by women on Twitter.

American culture, Christians especially, like to maintain this falsehood that women are NOT visually attuned and are NOT interested in sexy men and don’t want to look at sexy men. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Go visit the page above to read more and to see several photos of sexy, topless men. You’re welcome.


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