High School Discriminates Against Single Woman Says Dance Is Couples Only

High School Discriminates Against Single Says Dance Is Couples Only

(Link):  Bountiful High School In Utah Wouldn’t Let a Single Student Into a Couples’ Dance, Because People Take School Dances Way Too Seriously

(Link):  Single High School Student Denied Entry to Couples-Only Dance

(Link):  High School Student Banned From Dance Because She Didn’t Have a Date

  • But Josee Stetich, a high school senior in Utah, was denied that right when she was denied entry to her school’s Valentine’s Day dance because it was “for couples only.”
  • Although Josee, 18, and her friends Mikayla Robertson and Shivani Lindmeir, didn’t have boys to bring to Bountiful High School’s Sweethearts Dance, they planned to go as a trio.
  • When they got to the party, the school administrators  granted Shivani and Mikyala access because they had previously bought a ticket together but told Josee that she couldn’t come in according to KUTV.
  • Josee told the school official that she’d gladly pay the $30 couple’s ticket price, but her plea didn’t work.

    KUTV reports that Bountiful’s assistant principal, Sue Baylis, said that the girls “knew it was couples only, but they were hoping for a pass.”

    “We got our hair done, put on nice gowns and Josee even bought new shoes,” Mikayla told ABC News. “We wanted to look our best and be dressed and ready as though we would have had a date.”

  • “I didn’t get asked to the dance, which is fine,” Josee said. “I love hanging out with my girls. It would’ve been fun.”

    Rather than leaving Josee behind, in the ultimate nod to chicks before weird patriarchal rules, the girls took a tour of a nearby chocolate factory together instead.

(Link):  School Refuses Single Student Entry to Weird-as-Hell Couples Dance

(Link):   Utah High School Student Denied Entry to Couples-Only Dance

  • A high school senior in Utah was turned away at her school’s Valentine’s Day “Sweethearts Dance” because it was for couples only, and she was the odd one out among a group of three friends who wanted to go together, one of the friends said.
  • The three Bountiful High School students, Josee Stetich, Mikayla Robertson and Shivani Lindmeir, spent this past Valentine’s Day together getting ready to go to the dance as friends after not getting asked out by anyone, Robertson told ABC News today.
  • “We got our hair done, put on nice gowns and Josee even bought new shoes,” Robertson said.
  • “They told us Josee needed a date, be it a guy or another friend,” Robertson said. “They said the ‘Sweethearts Dance’ was different from other school dances called stomps because it was couples-only.”

    Stetich was even willing to pay $30 at the door for a ticket that would have allowed two people in, Robertson said.

    “They refunded Shivani’s and my ticket, and they lost around $50 because they wouldn’t let us three in,” Robertson said. “I thought it was ridiculous. It’s silly that you can’t come by yourself if you’re not asked to a dance.”

    Bountiful High School apparently was not in session Monday and ABC News’ calls to the school’s offices were not immediately returned. Additional efforts to reach Principal Greg Wilkey, Assistant Principal Sue Baylis and the district’s superintendent outside their offices were unsuccessful.

    However, Wilkey told a local television station, KUTV, that Baylis told him the teens left “voluntarily” after receiving a refund.

    “We wanted to look our best and [be] dressed and ready as though we would have had a date.”

  • At the dance, though, school administrators told Lindmeir and Robertson, who bought a ticket together, that they could attend the dance as a couple, according to Robertson, but that Stetich could not get in solo.


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