65 Year Old Woman Pregnant With Quads

65 Year Old Woman Pregnant With Quads

(Link): Teacher, 65, set to be oldest mother of quads (and she already has 13 children) 

  • A 65-year-old schoolteacher is set to become the oldest woman ever to give birth to quadruplets.

    German Annegret Raunigk, already has 13 children, and her remarkable story will be featured in a TV documentary.

    Her latest pregnancy was the result of artificial insemination using both donated sperm and eggs.

  • Ms Raunigk, who is in the 21st week of her pregnancy, said she was ‘shocked’ when an ultrasound scan showed she was carrying quadruplets.
  • Her gynaecologist initially mentioned the possibility of a ‘selective reduction’, where one or more fetuses is aborted in a multi-fetal pregnancy, but she declined.
  • But the English and Russian teacher, who is due to retire this year, said she decided to have the babies as she was ‘still quite fit’ and capable of looking after them.
  • She added: ‘I don’t think I will have any problems.’
  • Ms Raunigk, from Berlin, previously made headlines in Germany when she had her daughter Leila at the age of 55.

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