Cops: Gwinnett pastor charged thousands to disabled man’s credit cards

Cops: Gwinnett pastor charged thousands to disabled man’s credit cards

Dollars to donuts he’s married and probably has a few kids (though the article does not say; pastors are almost always married, because churches are reluctant to hire adult singles). So much for the “be equally yoked” teaching.

There are Non-Christian men who are more honest and ethical than this douche bag.

By the by. I have long hated bullies – people who pick on or exploit people who are physically or mentally weaker than they are, people who are naive, who have low self esteem, whatever.

I absolutely DETEST people who take advantage of or who abuse people because they can, because they are stronger than their target, or what have you.

I think what makes a story like this even worse is this guy, this pastor, is in an occupation of trust, and he is supposed to be defending and protecting the very sort of people he was taking advantage of. This guy is a total dirt ball.

(Link): Cops: Gwinnett pastor charged thousands to disabled man’s credit cards

  • 5:46 p.m. Monday, April 13, 2015 | Filed in: Local News
  • A new watch.
  • A girlfriend’s trips to the salon.
  • New wheels for a friend.
  • A Snellville pastor has been in jail for more than two months, accused of commandeering a disabled man’s credit cards — and opening new ones — to purchase those luxury items and more.
  • Police are searching for other possible victims.
  • Robert Whittaker, the founder and pastor of Be Encouraged Ministries, was charged with exploitation of a disabled adult on Feb. 5. He has remained in the Gwinnett County jail — a place he’s very familiar with — since.
  • Snellville police Chief Roy Whitehead said that Whittaker’s latest legal troubles began when he “offered to care for” a disabled church member with short-term memory loss while his wife was at work.
  • “While caring for the man, (Whittaker) convinced (the victim) to open credit cards at various locations and authorize him to make charges on the card,” Whitehead said. “… Whittaker also opened credit cards in the victim’s name authorizing (Whittaker) to sign and make charges.”
  • Whittakers’ alleged purchases included a new watch, hair appointments for a girlfriend and car repairs and new wheels for a friend.
  • The alleged victim’s wife reportedly found out after she started getting calls from creditors “wanting payments on accounts she didn’t know they had.”
  • …Online records show Whittaker’s most recent arrest was his 12th in Gwinnett County, with prior charges ranging from aggravated assault and drug trafficking to driving without a license. In a video on the Be Encouraged Ministries Facebook page, the pastor talks about growing up in Buffalo, snatching purses and robbing drug dealers.

What a total dirt ball.