Open Marriages – Another Reason Why Christians Are Wrong to Focus Sexual Purity Teachings Only on Singles or Kids

Open Marriages – Another Reason Why Christians Are Wrong to Focus Sexual Purity Teachings Only on Singles or Kids

Evangelical, Baptist, and other Christians keep wanting to peddle this nonsense that the Bible only encourages celibacy, sexual purity, and so on for singles, and kids, and college students. They assume marriage automatically makes married people above sexual sin.

Here’s yet another example where we have a married couple who are participating in sexual sin, although they are married! They agreed, after a period of years, to enter an “open marriage.” The wife found another man to diddle, but her husband is angry, because he cannot find another woman to diddle.

Here’s a letter, below, from 2005 that was sent to columnist Ask Amy.

These married people are so selfish. All they care about is getting their sexual kicks – they care not about fidelity to their partner.

And Christians keep maintaining in much of their literature, radio shows, etc, that singles need to get married, because marriage, doncha know, will make single adults more giving and ethical.

Notice in this letter, too, that it’s a married woman who is having sex with another man.

Christians (and Non Christians) often teach or assume that women are not interested in sex and only care about getting their emotional needs met. Obviously this is not so – this woman who wrote into Dear Amy enjoys having orgasms.

If she didn’t care about sex at all, she would not be porking another man and saying to Amy she is getting her rocks off about it.

  • DEAR AMY: My husband and I are in our 50s with grown children who are on their own.
  • We are youthful and healthy and, up until recently, our marriage was monogamous. Some time ago, we talked at length about sexual experimentation in the form of “open” marriage.
  • In fact, my husband was the one who suggested the idea, and we struck a deal. We agreed that if I wanted to get involved with someone else, it would be okay with him and he would feel free to do the same.
  • Well, I did and he didn’t.
  • Even though it’s only a once-in-a-while thing for me (with one man), I’m finding it very enjoyable, almost addictive. My husband and I get along well and still share an active sexual life, but he’s feeling slighted because he hasn’t found anyone else, and now he’s pressuring me to end my relationship.
  • The other man wants to continue, and to be perfectly honest, so do I.
  • My husband admits that if he also had “something going” right now, he would be okay with my relationship. The only one feeling left out at the moment is the guy who started this whole thing. What should I do?
  • — Part of a Triangle
  • Perhaps you could take out a “personals” ad on your husband’s behalf: “Wanted: Sexual partner for my husband so he’ll let me have my fun.”
  • I know that proponents of open marriage will claim that this version of marriage works, but your letter illustrates why it doesn’t.
  • What are the odds that both partners will find other fulfilling sexual partners at the same time, have relationships of the same duration and intensity, and not damage their marriage? The prospects are not good.
  • Open marriages don’t work because the “openness” more or less negates the “marriage.”
  • Perhaps you and your husband should have come to a contract of sorts before you embarked on this adventure. What you are doing is fraught with risk — sexual, physical and emotional.
  • Obviously, you two need to negotiate this matter together. A marriage counselor could help both of you to open up about your open marriage. (July 2005)


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