Stupid Things Naive Christians Say (About Adultery, Divorce) from Divorce Minister Blog

Stupid Things Naive Christians Say (About Adultery, Divorce) from Divorce Minister Blog

If you’ve spent any time on this blog, you know I’ve never been married. Nonetheless, I am sometimes interested in articles about divorce and how and why marriages end in ruins, and how churches support – or, as is usually the case, fail miserably to support – people who are getting divorced.

Just as most evangelical and Baptist Christians are horrid, naive, and / or insensitive at comforting or advising adult, never married and/or celibate singles, so too, it appears, they are just as horrible about helping or advising divorced people. Read on (just some excerpts here, not the whole post):

(Link): Stupid Things Naive Christians Say (About Adultery, Divorce)

Remember, this is only a partial list, as I do not want to copy the entire page to my blog:

  • Stupid Things Naive Christians Say To Faithful Spouses:
  • “There’s always two sides to a story.”
    • Response: I am curious–what story could someone possibly tell that makes committing adultery okay in the eyes of God?

    “God hates divorce.”

    • Response: God may hate divorce, but He hates sin and adultery more. God divorces Israel over her repeated adulteries after all.

    “It’s a headship problem.”

    • Response: No, you’re confused. It’s a sin problem–as in in “Thou shalt not commit adultery” sin problem

  • “You let yourself go.”
    • Response: Because it says “Thou shalt not commit adultery unless your spouse lets herself go?” I guess I missed that annotated version of the Ten Commandments.

Visitor comments on that page include:

  • by chjrn December 5, 2014 at 22:34
  • I had one well meaning friend to suggest to do “The Love Dare”. Really? Is that similar to what Chump Lady refers to as the “Pick Me!” dance?
  • by Divorce Minister

    “Pick Me!” Dance on steroids, I’d say. It’s like saying repentance has nothing to do with Christianity. I beg to differ…John the Baptist led the way with a message of repentance. And Jesus told His disciples to obey His teachings…one of those teachings was “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Hate the “Love Dare” and its movie “Fireproof” as I write on this blog in an earlier post.

    by BrokenHearted Believer

    How about all those websites like Rejoice Ministeries that tell you to just wait forever for your spouse to end the affair and come back to you? Don’t say anything “mean” to them, make sure you are all dressed up every time you see them. Absolutely don’t hold them accountable for anything that might make them mad. Just wear your ring and wait 20 years if you have to.
    Response: Get a clue!

    by BrokenHearted Believer

    Or how about “But he is still a great dad.” Uh good dads treat their children’s mothers with love and respect and don’t destroy their children’s family.


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