Men’s sex-drive hormone levels drop after 12 months

Men’s sex-drive hormone levels drop after 12 months

Weelll weelll well well. This certainly goes against the evangelical Christian propaganda that married sex will be regular, hot, and steamy. Not so, says this article.

By the way, when evangelicals promise hot, great sex, I think they generally have only men in mind. They don’t seem to care if women find sex enjoyable or not, as they often (incorrectly) assume that women seek only emotional connection and do not enjoy sex.

(Link): Forget the seven-year itch, it’s the first anniversary which is key: Men’s sex-drive hormone levels drop after 12 months 

  • Significant fall in testosterone after 12 months with a steady partner 
  • During the first year a man is poised to fight off competition 
  • Scientists interviewed 75 men aged between 18 and 39 about sex drive


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