Pro-Life, Yet Anti-Celibacy, Anti-Singleness, Anti-Childless Christian Site Tweets Story about Mother Who Slit New Born Infant Son’s Throat to Save Her Sex Life

Pro-Life, Yet Anti-Celibacy, Anti-Childless Christian Site Tweets Story about Mother Who Slit New Born Infant Son’s Throat to Save Her Sex Life

Hmm. I am pro-life. I sometimes follow pro-life feeds on Twitter, one of them, Life News, is apparently Catholic. I assume.

Generally, your Catholics and conservative evangelical Protestant Christians, especially “gender complementarian” Christians, are opposed to celibacy and singleness.

Oh sure, those groups might pay some amount of lip service to a person remaining single and celibate, but most of them assume that to truly be adult, mature, and godly, you must not only marry, but marry AND have children (and you must get married and have children at the ages and in the manner THEY deem most godly, see this link, which is on this blog).

The current Pope has been on record the last two years as bashing adult singles, adult celibates, and adult childless / childfree. For additional information on that, as well as rebuttal’s to the Pope’s views, please see this link, this link, and this link.

I once exchanged a few Tweets with whomever maintains the Life News Twitter account. I pointed out to that person that some of the material they link to at times is shaming to adult celibates like myself who have never married or had children.

I further explained to the person at that Life News Twitter account that the God of the Bible nowhere shames or excludes adults for being single, being celibate, being childless or childfree. (Or, at least, any stigma about being childless was removed under the New Covenant.)

The person at the account tried to reassure me that no, they don’t mean to shame or criticize singles or celibates – but the type of material they sometimes Tweet belies that claim.

Today, I saw this story on Twitter, linked to via Life News:

(Link):  Mom Killed Her Newborn Baby to Save Her Sex Life, Cut His Throat Minutes After Birth

  • May 2014
  • Now here is the terrible story of a young woman in Germany who killed her own newborn baby because she didn’t want to ruin her sex life by being a single mother. She cut his throat 30 minutes after her baby boy was born and then went to dance at a local disco.
  • Nadine Koenig, 20, from Regensburg, smothered her newborn son before killing him with a Stanley knife. Koenig concealed her pregnancy from her parents, gave birth at their home and, after she was arrested, her mother committed suicide. Later she dumped the body of her baby in the river.

Now, that is a terrible story. It most certainly is.

But it flies in the face of the common conservative Christian, both Protestant and Catholic view, (and sometimes secular view), that people are not true, caring, loving, mature, giving adults unless and until they pro-create.

I have yet to see how giving birth automatically makes a woman more godly, loving, mature, or law-abiding than a woman who either cannot have children, or who chooses not to have any. Here is what I am not understanding.

This Christian pro-life news site will rightly call this woman’s actions out as being selfish or wicked – but I have seen this same pro-life Twitter account publish links in their tweets to editorials by Protestant Christians who shame and criticize adults for staying single, celibate, and/or childless or childfree, or for delaying or skipping marriage, as though childless, childfree, celibate, or single people are immature, selfish, or terrible (please see this link for more about that) What universe would you rather live in:

1. one where women, moments after giving birth, slit the throat of their son (and at that, to “save their sex life” and to attend a disco party), or

2. one where women simply do not have children for whatever reasons (ergo, they are not abusing children – one cannot abuse children who do not exist)?

It is evil to give birth and then slit the throat of the baby – it is not evil or wrong for a woman to refrain from getting pregnant in the first place.

Yet, some of these conservative Christians treat the two situations as though they are morally equivalent. Conservative Christians behave as though being single and childless or childfree is just as bad or evil as murdering an infant.

There are some women who want to get pregnant, but they cannot, because they believe in getting married first; they cannot, or believe they should not, due to moral reasons, raise a baby without a husband.  These women often get the short end of the stick in these conversations.

I just have a difficult time wrapping my head around the cognitive dissonance concerning people who feel that a woman slitting her baby’s throat is a sin, and yet, so too, they feel, it is a sin for a woman who cannot or who does not marry, or who cannot or does not get pregnant in the first place.

And yes, the spokespersons of these sites will SAY and CLAIM they do not denigrate singleness, if they are asked straight out about it, but they do actually denigrate singleness and celibacy – because they are operating under the Old Testament, Genesis “Be fruitful” mindset, which assumes that God COMMANDS all people, even in this day and age, to marry and to have children, and so they will shame you and criticize you for not marrying or for not pro-creating, though under Christ, this was repealed. (See this post for more on that, and the links on that post, under the “Related posts” section).

I find it deplorable that some of these conservative Christian groups basically consider women who remain single, virgins, or celibate and childless, to be the same as women who murder their infants. They put both categories of women in the same group.

Both groups are derided as living life wrong, of being selfish, in error, and as displeasing to God.


Edit. Every time I have edited this post since I first published it, to add new links or fix mistakes, Word Press messes up the formatting, and it deletes the “Related Posts” section.


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