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Redefining Family

  • (Link): Redefining Family
  • by Juliet Vedral 04-30-2015 | 4:58pm
  • [Author explains how she was single again in her 30s after breaking up with a boyfriend]
  • …. And yet I can’t help but feel that in the short time I went from being in a relationship to being out of one, I have reverted back to a second-class status in the church. I recently watched a video in a series called  (Link): For the Life of the World that essentially said that God’s plan to show love, encouragement, and blessing to the world was through the nuclear (and in this video series, white, middle-class) family. The small group I attend rightly defended me and other singles — most of us who are not single by choice — saying that this was a too-narrow definition of family.
  • I’ve certainly felt like I was part of a larger family — a body if you will — in this time of loss. I would love to receive comfort and love from a husband, but I won’t deny that having the chance to receive comfort and love from at least 30 people over the past week and a half is a tremendous blessing.
  • One that has made me really wonder why the church is so quick to defend, define, and glorify marriage while ignoring the extremely unique way that the Body of Christ is called to supersede all other relational bonds and provide love and family despite heredity, gender, nationality, or economic status.

  • ….It strikes me as funny that we have to ask many of these same questions in the church. Is a Christian marriage worth less if the couple cannot conceive? Is a Christian’s contribution to bringing life to the world worth less if they never have the opportunity to marry or have children? Is a Christian’s ability to provide love, encouragement, or blessing diminished if they’ve been widowed?
  • …As a single woman who has committed her life to following Jesus, I reject the notion that I cannot fully participate in blessing the world because so far no one has put a ring on it. I am not single by choice, and I have had to draw deep from the well of God’s love to learn what it means to be God’s Beloved. I have had to cling to the truth that even though I may not get married in this life, I have a Maker and a Husband. I have had to learn to let Jesus fill my soul, and let me tell you, it’s a beautiful thing.

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hat tip to Defend The Sheep’s Twitter, which is where I first saw this story


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