Pastor Told Secret Boyfriend That He ‘Dreamed’ About Killing His Wife (follow up)

Pastor Told Secret Boyfriend That He ‘Dreamed’ About Killing His Wife

Contra Christian evangelicals (and other conservative Christians) marriage does not make people more godly, mature, or loving. I believe this is the follow up to another story I posted several months ago.

(Link):  Pastor Told Secret Boyfriend That He ‘Dreamed’ About Killing His Wife 

  • by Hillary Crosley Coker

    A pastor in Homewood, Alabama wrote emails to his secret boyfriend, detailing dreams he had of killing his wife. Naturally, this specific sort of love letter isn’t working out so well in hindsight, now that his wife is dead and the pastor is the main suspect.

  • Richard Shahan, (Link): according to, bitched about not being able to live his best life without losing his children and his job as the head of Birmingham’s First Baptist Church.

    “I’m in a legal marriage contract [sic]. There is not an acceptable way for me to dissolve that and continue with the things that are important to me (my job and children)…There is only one way I could become legally ‘single’ and I have to wait until God grants me that gift. It will come; the woman I live with is slowly killing herself – she is diabetic and refuses to take care of herself physically. Her mother died early with the same disease and did the same thing to her body. So I pray and wait. It will happen in God’s timing.”

    Prosecutors say that Shahan stabbed his wife Louise Shahan two years ago and planned to run off to Europe to marry his boyfriend. He wrote emails to his boyfriend about that too.

  • “And then I find myself thinking about and picturing myself packing up and leaving my life and moving to Scotland and the two of us living together for the rest of our lives. (I actually was standing in my closet the other night thinking, now which clothes would I pack up to move to Scotland). Or I find myself picturing you living with me in the house here and us living our lives day to day in Birmingham.”

    Mrs. Shahan learned about her husband’s affair in 2012 and was not into polyamory according to her emails.

  • …After her death in 2013 just before New Year’s Eve, Shahan was questioned about his wife’s fatal stabbing and then released. But as he tried to board a flight to Germany soon after, the Department of Homeland Security picked him up at the gate.

I think this was the original story:

(Link): Pastor charged in wife’s murder was headed to Europe to marry boyfriend, prosecutor says – Single Xtian Ladies: Kick that Be Equally Yoked Teaching to the Curb! Also: Marriage and Parenthood do not make people more godly or mature or loving or ethical

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