Married Father of Five Preacher Looking for Homosexual Sex on Grindr

Married Father of Five Preacher Looking for Homosexual Sex on Grindr

Stuff Christian Culture Likes posted a link to this story this evening (they are (Link): discussing it here). They, and the guys over at Gawker, are having a field day with the fact that this preacher gave anti-homosexuality sermons or posted anti-homosexuality commentary to his social media, yet he visited a homosexual hook up site looking for homosexual sex.

It don’t make much difference to me if this preacher guy was (publicly) anti-homosexuality yet trolling for homosexual men.

The part that grabs my attention is that he is…

  • 1. married
  • 2. a father (of five kids)
  • 3. and is a preacher
  • And he’s looking for affairs – gender of the folks he’s looking to boink is fairly immaterial to me and the purposes of my blog

I apologize for being a broken record about this. You know the drill by now if you visit this blog regularly, but here we go:

Conservative Christians – your evangelicals, Baptists, and Reformed guys – all have these stupid illusions and stereotypes that married people are more godly and sexually pure than adult singles, and that being married and a parent is necessary to be upstanding, holy, and mature.

None of that is, of course, true. Some of the most un-godly, perverted, selfish, immature people happen to be married and/or parents.

Here’s the story:

(Link): Antigay Pastor Seems Pretty Into Gay Sex, Judging By His Grindr Profile

  • by Gabrielle Bluestone
  • [ screen shot of Tweet by this pastor arguing about possible dangers of persons posing as transgender men posing a danger to women – you can view screen shot of his Tweet here ]
  • According to Queerty, Makela did confirm the Grindr profile is real but declined to comment beyond that. He’s reportedly resigned from his associate pastor job at St. John’s church.

  • In the meantime, the church is (Link): urging its congregation (Link): not to read or turn on the television so that they might avoid inadvertently discovering what happened to that nice pastor man.

For the record, I’m not in favor of allowing transgender persons (biologically born males who dress as women) to enter women’s restrooms or dressing rooms.

The reason? Because I can see how hetero rapists can exploit such a thing to molest kids or rape women.

But I can promise you I do not troll Grindr or any other sites looking for homosexual sex. So, this preacher may be a hypocrite and a pervert, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Anyway, here is example 453,690,567 in the universe of a married father (and one who passes himself off as a Christian!) who is not godly, mature, or self-less. This again rips to shreds the rude, stupid evangelical and conservative Christian assumption that marriage and parenthood are necessary to make people good or godly.

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