Women are buying more sex than ever before, new research claims

Women are buying more sex than ever before, new research claims

The following seems very similar to a post I did several months ago, from January 2015:

The new article, from May 2015:

(Link): Women are buying more sex than ever before, new research claims


  • Study also found that number of male escorts rose by almost a third since 2010
  • Women are buying more sex than ever before, according to new research.The initial findings, part of research project ‘Women Who Buy Sexual Services in the UK’, found that women who pay for sex come from all ages, backgrounds and it appears that one of the main reason for the transaction is they lack the time for a relationship.Researchers at Lancaster University and Manchester Metropolitan University spoke to 21 escorts and are now seeking female customers to continue their study.The study, led by Lancaster University’s Dr Sarah Kingston and Manchester Metropolitan University’s Dr Natalie Hammond, found that advertisement profiles of men rose from 5, 246 in 2010 to 15, 732 this year.Female profiles rose from 11,056 to 28,614 over the same period.


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