There Are No “Biblical Men” by B. Robertson

There Are No “Biblical Men” by B. Robertson

As I’ve noted before, strict gender role teachings, either taught under Christian gender complementarianism, or Christian patriarchy, can be harmful to men too, not just women.

(Link): There Are No “Biblical Men” by B. Robertson


  • For years, I struggled to fit in to the gender identity that I was told God had created me to be. I knew I was a boy and I felt like a boy, but I didn’t want to be a sweaty, football playing, burping, manual-labor-loving boy that I was told God had created me to be. According to many in my community, I was failing to live up to God’s standard.
  • I was shamed by my pastor for doing “sissy work” when I wanted to be in the office instead of outside doing manual labor. My youth pastor made me leave a funeral service because I was crying.
  • He told me, “If you want to be a pastor, you’ve got to learn to be a man. Men don’t cry.” For years I questioned whether or not I was pleasing to God because I was a man but I did cry. I didn’t like manual labor. I lovedsinging in choir. I was soft-spoken. I didn’t feel like any of this made me less manly, and in fact, the men I admired most had similar qualities.
  • But as I searched the Scriptures, I was surprised to find a stunning lack of clarity on what it meant to be a man. In fact, many men in the Bible seemed to have traits similar to the ones I possessed. Jesus himself wept. And as far as I could tell, he never played football either.
  • …. As I have studied the cultural context surrounding the New Testament writings and early Christianity, it has become astoundingly clear to me that Dr. Rainey (and subsequently many other evangelicals) definition of masculinity is derived much more from the Greco-Roman culture than from any clear teachings of Christ.

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