Father And Son Sentenced For Raping The Same Underage Girl – Parenthood and Marriage, Contra Conservative Christians, Does NOT Guarantee A Person Will Be Ethical or Loving

Father And Son Sentenced For Raping The Same Underage Girl

So much for “Family Values,” and the other Christian bit of propaganda that marriage is necessary to make a man more godly, loving, and mature.

Christians also like to emphasize how divorce is horrible for our culture, as is single motherhood – yet I am willing to believe that there are plenty of teen-aged boys who grew up in a one parent home with no father who did not rape little girls.

I am assuming that the father in this story is also married (or was married at some point) but could be wrong about that detail.

The news story say that the father and son raped the same young lady but at different times, not together, not on the same day.

(Link):  Father And Son Sentenced For Raping The Same Underage Girl

  • It’s bad enough when an underage girl is subjected to a sexual assault by an older man, but it’s especially shocking when that girl is raped by two men from the same family. A father and son have been sentenced this week for raping the same underage girl.
  •  According to the New York Daily News, the (Link): father and son were sentenced only an hour apart, with the boy, Marc A. Rowe, Jr., age 19, getting three-to-15 years, and his father, Marc Rowe, Sr., age 45, getting the much harsher sentence of 22-to-35 years in prison. The father must also register as a sex offender and wear an electronic monitoring device for the rest of his life.
  • Prosecutors claimed that the father and son rape duo knew the victim personally. Midland County Circuit Judge Michael Beale even accused the younger Marc Rowe of acting “casual” about the rape of the underage girl. The judge (Link): denied his request to keep the court records private, according to MLive.
  • Judge Beale insisted “it is punishment that is being exacted here today,” as opposed to a rehabilitation.
  • Despite having a casual attitude toward the disturbing father and son rape, the younger defendant did his best to express remorse for his actions. He even claimed full responsibility, despite the fact that his father was the first one to rape the girl.
  • “I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused, all the problems that this has spawned. I wish this could have all been avoided, but it happened, and it’s all my fault.”
  • The crimes began when the girl was age 12. The father sexually assaulted her for several months. His son, 18, then took over and raped the girl in May of 2014 when she was only 13. She was in the eighth grade and he was a freshman in college.
  • According to the Huffington Post, the (Link): arrest warrant claims the father sexually assaulted the victim in his own home, as he “coerced the victim to submit by exerting his authoritative position.”
  • While the father and son raped the same underage girl at roughly the same time, the prosecution reported that there was no evidence they ever sexually assaulted her together. They were charged separately for their individual crimes.
  • “I hope he understands that the damage he has done is going to be with [the victim] for the rest of her life,” said a family member of the father and son during the sentencing.
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