Christians Consumed With Ranting Against Homosexual Marriage or Homosexuality But Continually Turn Blind Eye to Hetero Sins – Franklin Graham Boycotts Pro Homosexuality Businesses

Christians Consumed With Ranting Against Homosexual Marriage or Homosexuality But Continually Turn Blind Eye to Hetero Sins of Sexual Nature

I don’t support homosexual behavior. I am hetero. I have traditional morals. I am sympathetic to conservative Christian concerns on some subjects.

However, I am angered and perplexed by the never-ending fixation by conservative Christians to crusade against homosexual behavior or homosexual marriage, yet they seldom address the large amount of sexual sin going on among HETERO Christians.

I have done blog post after blog post linking to articles about unmarried Christians (conservatives no less) who are engaging in pre-marital sex, preachers who admit to having porn addictions, married Christian men who are having affairs on their wives. Where is the conservative Christian outcry against all these sins?

At the same time there is seldom criticism of hetero sin by Christians, there is no support for Christian singles who remain celibate.

The fixation by evangelicals and Baptists seems to be upon homosexuals, homosexuality, and homosexual marriage.

Here is yet another (and recent) example.

(Link):   WHOOPS: Franklin Graham’s New Bank Is LGBT-Friendly, Too

  • Evangelist Franklin Graham may want to look a little more closely at the financial institutions he patronizes.
  • Graham, who is president and CEO of his father’s Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, announced last week that the group would no longer use Wells Fargo because the bank had run an ad featuring a lesbian couple. He also urged Christians to boycott other LGBT-friendly companies.
  • But Graham failed to take his own advice, choosing a new bank that’s also supportive of LGBT causes.

  • He told the Family Research Council on Monday that his organization was moving its funds to BB&T, Right Wing Watch reported. The Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based company is a “good bank,” Graham said on the “Washington Watch” radio program.
  • But the huge corporation is also a sponsor of Miami Beach’s Gay Pride parade and achampion for same-sex couples in South Florida.
  • In his effort to more fully express his anti-gay beliefs, Graham had already stumbled: He released his announcement scorning Wells Fargo on Facebook, a very pro-LGBT company.

(Link):  Franklin Graham moving accounts to BB&T, which sponsored Miami Beach gay pride fundraiser

  • June 9, 2015
  • Franklin Graham has told a conservative radio show that he’s chosen BB&T bank to get the accounts he’s moving from Wells Fargo to protest that bank’s ad featuring a lesbian couple.Graham’s decision to go with the Winston-Salem lender comes even though BB&T sponsored a gay pride festival fundraising reception this year in Miami Beach.
  •  BB&T spokeswoman Cynthia Williams said in a statement to the Observer that the bank “has a strong history” of sponsoring community events to help the lender reach prospects and clients. “This does not imply endorsement of these organizations’ positions on any or all political or social issues,” she said.
  • “Our mission is to help our clients achieve economic success and financial security regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. … BB&T embraces diversity and inclusion for our associates and in all aspects of our business. However, we do not take formal positions on non-banking or social issues.”
  • Graham disclosed his chosen bank during an interview on “Washington Watch,” a radio program broadcast by the Family Research Council – a conservative group that applauded Graham’s decision to leave Wells Fargo.
  • “At the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we’re closing our accounts at Wells Fargo and we’re moving it to another bank here in North Carolina, BB&T, that is a good bank,” Graham told the show on Monday. “We’ve done business with them at Samaritan’s Purse for many years. And just a good solid bank that’s very good at banking.”Graham also said the switch will save the BGEA money – $100,000 a year – because of BB&T’s lower service charges.Asked by the show’s host, Craig James, if he had spoken with Wells Fargo before deciding to close the accounts, Graham said BGEA sent letters to Wells Fargo’s board chairman in San Francisco and its vice president in North Carolina who is responsible for the accounts.
  • Graham said his message to Wells Fargo in the letters was: “Because of their decision, we’re making a decision … to take our money elsewhere.”

  • ….Miami Gay Pride spokesman Richard Murry said Tuesday that his organization is proud of its long-standing partnership with BB&T.

    “Their support of our event (enhanced) the positive and uplifting experience we were able to provide over 130,000 spectators this year,” Murry said. “The surprise wedding that took place at their South Beach branch … was one of the most heartwarming moments during our Pride season this year.”

    BB&T ranks highly on the Human Rights Campaign’s buyers guide – the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization’s ranking of businesses by workplace equality.

(Link): Franklin Graham goes to war against ‘gay’-friendly companies

If Graham wants to boycott whatever company for whatever reason, okay. But, the head of every company is a sinner.

So, let’s suppose that a company has a heterosexual Christian married man who rapes little girls on the weekends as its CEO. Would Franklin Graham call for a boycott on that company?

Or, maybe the hetero Christian business man looks at porn and masturbates to it – would Graham boycott that guy on account of that?

I want to reiterate I do not support the homosexual lobby in our nation, or their hetero cheerleaders. They are a bunch of bullies and Gestapo – and are very intolerant.

However, I don’t understand some of the constant attention paid to all things homosexual by some evangelicals, and that evangelicals won’t do squat to support hetero or homosexual celibacy, or speak out more often against sexual sins performed by hetero people.

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