Hetero Couple Forced to Divorce Because They Say Homosexuals Are Ruining Their Marriage

Hetero Couple Forced to Divorce Because They Say Homosexuals Are Ruining Their Marriage

This follow story actually reminds me of a few posts I’ve done on my own blog before.

My (Link): one-time stalker, John Morgan, makes a similar argument as this couple does in the story below.

That somehow, if government permits the legalization of homosexual marriage, it some how tarnishes or invalidates hetero marriage, and, ergo, Christians should not look to government to legitimize their unions (a view that I think is rather ridiculous).

I think I wrote about that (Link): here.

I don’t agree with homosexual behavior and am somewhat opposed to homosexual marriage in theory but also rather indifferent about it in actual practice – but – I think it’s a very odd ball view to say that homosexual marriage invalidates hetero marriages.

I also saw the same attitude from a patriarchal Christian couple who taught that even if you are a hetero married couple that if you live in a state that permits homo marriage, it makes your marriage invalid.I posted about it here:

Here is the new story:

(Link): Couple Forced to Divorce Because Gays Are Ruining Their Marriage

Excerpt (this is from a left wing rag that is hostile to Christianity and traditional morals, so I don’t agree with all their views on every topic):

    • by Mark Shrayber
    • Well, the rumors are true: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of straight marriage.

    • Need proof? Meet an Australian couple who are threatening to divorce if gays get the right to marry.

    • Nick and Sarah Jensen believe that once those heathen gays can vow everlasting love to each other (and get equal rights), their own marriage becomes null, void and useless in the eyes of God—and thus, their own selves.
    • The Jensens appeared on (Link): the cover of the Canberra CityNews recently to make their very important proclamation: If the current climate of same-sex acceptance continues to grow in Australia and the federal parliament changes the official definition of the institution, the couple will be forced to divorce.
    • Forced! Why? No one knows. It makes very little sense.
    • Here’s what Nick Jensen (who is the leader of a prominent anti-gay group, (Link): something The Advocate reveals the CityNews failed to disclose) had to say about the couple’s decision:

      “Why do this?” Jensen rhetorically asked the question many readers are likely wondering. “The reason is that, as Christians, we believe marriage is not a human invention,” he answered in the OpEd, later adding that “This is what we have to do as Christians who believe in a Biblical definition of marriage, that we can’t see that definition change in a way that no longer reflects God’s truth.”

  • In case you were worried about how the Jensens’ decision will affect their relationship and their children, the couple has stated that they will divorce legally but not emotionally.
  • So while they’ll happily pull the stunt of getting divorced and blaming homosexuals for their choice (I did not know we had that kind of realultimatepower.net, but apparently we do), they’ll continue living together, loving together, and raising their children together. They’ll also still call each other husband and wife. The only difference is that they’ll do so as single people who have decided to pull a publicity stunt.


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  1. Ugh! Too weird! Reminds me of some free book my clergy dad received in the mail called “The Geocentric Primer.” (Claimed that the earth revolving around the sun is unbiblical.) You have to wonder whether the Odd for God Squad is committed to holiness or just into drama for the sake of notoriety.

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