Why Feminists Ignore the ISIL (Muslim) Crimes Against Women by Robert Fulford

Why Feminists Ignore the ISIL (Muslim) Crimes Against Women by Robert Fulford

(Link): Why Feminists Ignore the ISIL (Muslim) Crimes Against Women 


  • This is not a new theme for Chesler. A few years ago, in her book The Death of Feminism, she argued that feminism had abandoned women in Muslim-majority countries. Kate Millett said that Chesler was “sounding a warning to the West that it ignores to its peril.” But it was largely ignored.
  • Chesler now says, in a statement issued by the Middle East Forum, that feminists have lost their way. They need to rekindle their original passion for universal justice. Fifty years ago, they launched a campaign for freedom and equality. That inspired a revolution in the West and a fresh vision for girls and women everywhere.

  • But today feminists ignore the ISIL crimes against women. “An astounding public silence has prevailed,” Chesler says. “The National Organization for Women (NOW) apparently doesn’t think ISIL is a problem.” NOW’s upcoming annual conference doesn’t list ISIL or Boko Haram on its agenda. The most recent conference dedicated to women’s studies dealt with foreign policy but considered only Palestine.
  • Today’s feminists, she adds, are disproportionately focussed on Western imperialism, colonialism and capitalism while ignoring Islam’s long history of imperialism, colonialism, anti-black racism, slavery and forced conversion.
  • …What’s ordinary life like under ISIL? It’s a tyrannical form of shariah law in matters large and small.
  • A woman told the BBC: “One day I felt so bored at home that I asked my husband to take me out, even if I had to wear the full khimar” — a long veil covering hair, neck and shoulders, leaving the face clear.
  • Then he told her she should wear a niqab, covering all but her eyes. After they were seated in the restaurant her husband suggested she reveal her face, since no ISIL soldiers were in evidence.
  • As soon as she did, “The restaurant’s owner came over, begging my husband to ask me to hide it again because Islamic State fighters made surprise inspection visits and he would be flogged if they saw me like that. We had heard stories of men being flogged because their wives didn’t put their gloves on.”


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