Preacher Tullian Tchividjian Resigns after Admitting ‘Inappropiate Relationship’ (ie, Affair on His Wife, She Cheated Too)

Tullian Tchividjian Resigns after Admitting ‘Inappropiate Relationship’

He says his wife also had an affair, which is what led to his affair.

For the millionth time on my blog: let this be another example that despite what many conservative Christians believe, married Christians are no more sexually pure or godly than most adult singles – in some cases, they may be less so!

Note also, this works against another Christian stereotype that only men want sex and women do not – this whole thing got started because this guy’s wife cheated on him first. She obviously wanted sex (with another man, that is).

(Link): Tullian Tchividjian Resigns after Admitting ‘Inappropiate Relationship’


  • Tchividjian’s name was removed from the church’s website on Sunday and rumors of his resignation had been flying on social media.
  • A grandson of Billy Graham, Tchividjian cited an extramarital relationship as the reason for his departure from the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, PCA congregation.
  • Billy Graham’s grandson had troubled 6-year-tenure at Coral Ridge.
  • ————————-
  • Tchividjian’s tenure as pastor at Coral Ridge had been troubled from the start. In the spring of 2009, the church named the then-36-year-old as its senior pastor. At the time, Tchividjian led a young church plant which later merged with Coral Ridge.
  • Founded by famed preached D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge had once drawn as many as 7,000 worshipers. But it had been in decline following Kennedy’s death in 2006.
  • Church elders hoped that Tchividjian’s youth, vision, and name could revive the fortunes of the aging congregation.
  • Instead they got chaos.
  • Within six months, a group of church members led by Kennedy’s daughter, Jennifer, called for Tchividjian’s ouster. Those dissidents were banned by the church
  • At issue were a change in worship style and Tchividjian’s rejection of culture war politics.
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  • March 2016 UPDATE:
  • (Link):  Preacher Tullian Tchividjian Possibly Involved in Another Inappropriate Sexual Relationship (March 2016) / Why Do Christians Not Have a RBGR – Reverse Billy Graham Rule?

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