Married Man in Sexless Marriage To A Woman Has Affairs With Another Married Man

Married Man in Sexless Marriage To A Woman Has Affairs With Another Married Man

There are times I’m glad I’ve never married. This is one of those times.

Also, this disproves the typical Christian propaganda that married people don’t sexually sin, and/or that married sex is SO great that married couples won’t want to boink other people.

(Link): Frustrated husband finds passion elsewhere

  • June 2015
  • Dear Amy: My wife and I have not had a physical relationship with one another in several years.
  • She seems to have completely lost interest. That has resulted in an accompanying slowdown of our emotional bond.

  • We still enjoy doing lots of things together but there is no sex, no physical displays, and not much emotional connection, either.
  • Dealing with that has been tough for me (we are in our early 60s).
  • I eventually made a long-distance connection with another man who was facing the same issues that I am facing. My friend is also married — to another man.
  • He and I have developed a close relationship that has become physical as well as emotional and spiritual.
  • We stay in touch via e-mail, texting and phone. When we are together, it is NOT just the physical part of the relationship that we enjoy; it’s all the other things, too.
  • In the past I have tried talking to my wife about the physical and emotional parts of our relationship that have withered but she seems to have no interest at all in doing anything to change the status quo.I’m in a real quandary. I have come to rely on this other person outside our marriage to meet some of my needs. And he feels the same way.

    Do you have any suggestions for me? — Feeling Lonely

  • Dear Lonely:
  • Answer this: If your wife approached you today and said her libido had awakened, would you want to be sexually intimate with her?That’s what I thought.

    Widely quoted research reports that 43% of women say they experience some form of sexual dysfunction. Ideally partners would face this challenge together.

    There is no loneliness quite like the feeling of being alone in your own marriage. But you made your own choice to leave your marriage and seek passion elsewhere.

    You have some tough decisions ahead. You cannot work on your marriage if you are intensely bonded to another person. You should see a counselor as you navigate this life-changing situation. Ultimately I hope you will choose to be honest with your wife so she can make an informed decision about her own future.


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