4 Sexist Myths That The Church Should Reject – 3. Men Are Primarily Sexual Beings and Women Are Not Sexual by R. Asproth

4 Sexist Myths That The Church Should Reject – 3. Men Are Primarily Sexual Beings and Women Are Not Sexual by R. Asproth

(Link): 4 Sexist Myths That The Church Should Reject  by R. Asproth


  • 3. Men Are Primarily Sexual Beings and Women Are Not Sexual
  • Men are more sexual than women. It’s just biological. Never mind that some men have very low sex drives, and never mind that some women have very high sex drives. This gender myth has very little basis in reality—but it is a cultural value.
  • Particularly in the church, it is common to emphasize modesty and chastity in women—often for the sake of the oh-so-uncontrollable male sex drive. Those of us women who attended youth group growing up can probably recall lessons on shielding our bodies from our spiritual brothers’ wandering, lustful eyes. I’m calling this one.
  • While men and women do have biological and chemical differences, a given man is not necessarily more sexual than a given woman.
  • And it doesn’t help women when the church pretends that men are the only sexual beings. In fact, women can feel alone, alien, and rejected if they do not fit the prescription of the non-sexual Christian woman.

  • Further, when purity/modesty culture is the name of the game, women take on responsibility for the sins of those around them—imagining that they are culpable for others’ wayward hearts.
  • And on the flip side, men grow to view themselves as untrustworthy, uncontrollable, and primarily sexual.
  • Both of these images fall heartbreakingly short of God’s healthy and beautiful intention for men and women.
  • So, instead of prescribing a strong sex drive exclusively to men, let’s remember that sex is a gift from God—often enjoyed equally by men and women (on a case by case basis). Let’s do men and women a favor and start talking about female sexuality in Christian culture.


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